How to integrate Darwin Box with Plum?

Xoxoday has announced its integration with DarwinBox, one of the best HRMS automation software solutions for businesses with the objective of creating a reward system for employees. Organizations that are using DarwinBox will not only be able to automate their HR processes but can also reward employees to keep them motivated and engaged.

Xoxoday Plum offers a unified rewarding platform that helps organizations build a winning organizational culture through reward and recognition programs that have a global catalog consisting of products and experiences from more than 700+ brands.

Points Redemption procedure

Log in to your DarwinBox account.

Darwinbox + Xoxoday Integration

  • Click on the Recognition tile.

  • Click redeem, get redirected to stores.xoxoday.com, and get auto logged in via SSO.

  • Users will be automatically logged in to Xoxoday plum stores (Catalog front)

  • Users can redeem their points in plum on a variety of experiences and vouchers.

  • Select your Country & Click on Gift Vouchers, experiences, or other classification of your choice.

  • Select the listed Brand Voucher or any other option.

  • Select the denomination and quantity and then Add to the Cart.

  • Under the payment option, click on Use available xxx points for this order and place the order. You may use a debit/credit card to augment points in case it is insufficient.

You can also view the integration video here: