Account Verification

In this article, you'll see get information you need to complete the KYB verification step to kick start rewarding journey with Xoxoday!


What is the Plum account verification process?

Xoxoday, as a Fintech company, verifies businesses and gift card usage to comply with regulations. Plum verification ensures understanding of your business and intended use for tailored assistance.

Verification Process

Plum's account verification process ensures compliance with government and brand regulations for gift card usage at Xoxoday. It involves understanding the client's business and use case to provide appropriate assistance.

Here's a brief overview:

  1. Client Submission: Provide necessary details via the Plum Admin Panel.
  2. Document Verification: Our compliance team reviews submissions within 2 working days, requesting additional information if needed.
  3. Use Case Classification: Once all details are gathered, the compliance team classifies the client's use case.
  4. Catalog Availability: Upon use case determination, the catalog team maps available products for immediate redemption.

Use Case Classification:

  • Regular Business: Clients can procure vouchers from the catalog, excluding Amazon and Open Loop cards. For access to these cards, clients can contact their Account Executive or [email protected] for the approval process.


For Amazon and other Open Loop Cards

Reach out to your Account Executive or drop a line to [email protected] to initiate the approval process.

  • Resellers (B2B and B2C): Clients can purchase closed loop cards, except for brands explicitly prohibiting resellers and Amazon and Open Loop Cards.
  • Crypto: Clients can only procure closed loop cards and brands permitting Crypto use case.


What to expect

Expect an acknowledgment email within 2 hours. Our compliance team will then verify your details for account approval. Any additional information needed will be requested via email.

Escalation Matrix

Here's how to reach us for all things related to Account verification:

Level 1Customer Success Team[email protected]
Level 2Implementation Lead[email protected]
Level 3Customer Success Head[email protected]