Public Survey Automation

How does it work?

For Anonymous surveys in SurveyMonkey, Xoxoday uses the contact email of a SurveyMonkey respondent(s).


i. As an admin, You should have already connected the Xoxoday with SurveyMonkey.

ii. A Campaign is created. Learn more

Feature Specification: Only the ones who are part of the Email collectors in SurveyMonkey will be eligible to redeem their rewards, anyone apart from that will not have access.

Steps to send rewards to Anonymous surveys

Step 1: Create Public Automation

Click on ‘Create New Automation’ and select the ‘Public’ option modal.

Step 2: Select Survey

Select a Survey that you want to send rewards through. To collect email addresses to send rewards, please select the question in your surveying 'Choose a existing Question' where respondents will enter their email.

If you don't have a question that collects email addresses, you can add the question in survey by selecting 'Create a new Question' and add a Question.

This question will appear as the last question in survey.

Step 3: Setup your Automation

Select the survey of your choice and set Reward settings by setting Manual or Automatic approval. You can also set the automation start date and end date with a limit on rewards sent.

Step 4: Save and Launch

Once automation is launched, the settings cannot be changed.