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There are a few ways that you can currently track and measure the impact of Xoxoday Rewards campaign efforts and their influence on your deals.

At a personal level, for each contact, you can see the outcome of your Xoxoday campaigns in the activity timeline. For example, below you can see that this person has been sent a gift 'Coffee On Us' campaign and they have claimed it. These are populated as custom events and will update when a status changes:

You can also use lists to group contacts who have responded to a Xoxoday campaign in the same way (example: Sent, Claimed, etc) by using the details within the event to the group i.e. by campaign name, status, etc.

For more holistic rewarding activity reporting specifically relating to deal influence, there are a few options that you could call upon, using workflows.

Here’s How to Set Up RoI Reporting

Step 1: Creating custom contact properties for Xoxoday reward activity touch points

Add Xoxoday campaign/touches to a contact custom field —

This will allow you to see the last Xoxoday campaign associated to a contact, related to deals (open and closed).


2 custom fields/properties on a contact:

  • 1 single line text field, name this Xoxoday Reward Campaign Status
  • 1 boolean field, name this Xoxoday Touch

Step 2: Create a workflow to update these fields

Our recommended workflow would be to update the 2 custom fields set out above when a Xoxoday reward is redeemed. The Xoxoday campaign Status field should be populated with the campaign Status as it exists within Xoxoday. The Xoxoday Touch field will be populated with 'True'.

These workflows should be set up per campaign, and it would look something like this:

Once your workflow is switched on, anyone who redeems your particular campaign will have those fields populated as a result.


You can also add additional contact properties and workflows to add more granularity to your Xoxoday reward campaign reporting if you like.

Now you can build a 'contacts and deals' report to see the influence of Xoxoday campaigns on open and closed deals.

For open opportunities:

Select Create Custom Report> cross-object and select contacts and deals.

Configure Bar Chart

Let us know if you're reporting in other ways by sending us email at [email protected].

We will update our documentation once HubSpot release attribution for custom events 🤞