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Explore insights into various reports within Xoxoday Plum, empowering users to optimize rewards, incentives, and payments effectively.

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Welcome to the Xoxoday Plum Support Document Overview. In this guide, users will gain insights into various types of reports available within Xoxoday Plum, a comprehensive platform designed to manage rewards, incentives, and payments efficiently. Below are the different types of reports offered:

  1. Rewards API Report:

    • This report provides detailed insights regarding the usage of the Rewards API within Xoxoday Plum. Users can track API usage, performance metrics, and any issues encountered during API transactions.
  2. Reward Code Report:

    • The Reward Code report offers a comprehensive overview of all reward codes generated and redeemed within the platform. Users can monitor the distribution of reward codes, redemption rates, and any associated trends or patterns.
  3. Reward Link Report:

    • Users can leverage the Reward Link report to analyze the effectiveness of reward links distributed through Xoxoday Plum. This report provides insights on link clicks, conversions, and overall engagement with the reward links.
  4. Integration Report:

    • The Integration report offers valuable insights into the integration of Xoxoday Plum with external systems or platforms. Users can monitor integration status, data synchronization, and troubleshoot any integration-related issues.
  5. Payment and Wallet Report:

    • This report focuses on providing users with a detailed overview of payment transactions and wallet activities within Xoxoday Plum. Users can track payments, withdrawals, account balances, and any financial transactions processed through the platform.

Through these reports, users can effectively monitor, analyze, and optimize their reward, incentive, and payment strategies within Xoxoday Plum. Whether it's tracking API performance, analyzing reward distribution, or monitoring financial transactions, these reports offer valuable insights to drive informed decision-making and enhance overall platform performance.

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