Reward Modes and Types

Learn about different modes of rewards and explore the best fit for your use-case, its benefits, and user experience.

Plum is made to handle all your rewarding needs effortlessly! Whether the intended recipient is an employee, a customer, or a partner — Plum lets you reward anyone, anywhere, in your own special way.

🎁 1. Reward Code(s)

Reward code provides a fast and secure method to send unique reward codes to different participants in your ecosystem, regardless of their location.

👉 Learn how to send a reward code here Reward Code



A Reward code is a 16 digit alpha numeric code that looks something like this: S1H2-R3E4-D5I6-S7T8B

Here are some of the features:

  • Allows guest checkout (recipient doesn't need to log in)
  • Allows partial redemption
  • Can be combined with up to 10 codes for a single checkout!


Best fit if you want to:

  • Allow easy redemption from our marketplace without account creation
  • Enable partial redemption or combining codes for larger rewards
  • Launch campaigns with unique landing pages and reward catalogs
  • Set expiry dates tailored to campaign duration and needs

🎁 2. Reward Point(s)

Give out reward points that can be accumulated, allowing users to stack up their Reward Points for redemption from our extensive rewards catalog.

👉 Learn how to send reward points here Reward Points


Best fit if you want to:

  • Instantly transfer points to the recipient’s account, automatically adding to their existing balance
  • Recipients can choose to redeem all Reward Points at once or in parts for flexibility
  • Reward points are sent to the recipient’s email or phone, accessible anytime via login

🎁 3. Reward Link(s)

Quickly create campaigns and distribute rewards with Reward Link. Share the link through any channel, allowing recipients to redeem rewards from a curated list of global brands easily.

👉 Learn how to send a reward link here Reward Link


Best fit if you want to:

  • Quickly distribute rewards within minutes.
  • Provide recipients with one-click redemption, no account creation needed.
  • Create campaigns with unique landing pages displaying curated brand lists.
  • Customize link expiry dates to match campaign needs.

🎁 4. Brand Gift Card (Brand Vouchers)

Instantly send brand gift cards directly to recipients' inboxes. There are over 8,000 top global brands from Amazon to Walmart and everything in between!

👉 Learn how to send brand vouchers: Brand Vouchers


Best fit if you want to:

  • Rapidly distribute gift cards within minutes
  • Offer hassle-free redemption with specific brand gift cards, no login or registration required
  • Generate a gift card for yourself, shareable via any channel

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