Send 1-1 reward via Xoxoday Widget

Xoxoday Plum Rewards widget feature helps a sales rep to send 1-1 personalized emails for building a better relationship with their clients.

This helps by allowing teams to reward a single contact with a personalized email and select a campaign. Every contact can be rewarded with a different campaign depending on various variables.

Feature Specification: Only the ones who are part of the contact list in HubSpot will be eligible to redeem their rewards, anyone apart from that will not have access.

Follow the step to step guide to send 1-1 rewards using Xoxoday Plum Widget



As an admin, You should have already connected the Xoxoday with HubSpot. If not check this article.


HubSpot users who need access to 1-1 rewards widget should be added as a user in Xoxoday Plum with Admin or Super admin access as required.

Steps to send 1-1 Rewards

Step 1: Open Xoxoday 1-1 Rewards Widget

Open the detail page of the contact to whom you want to send rewards in HubSpot.

Find Xoxoday Card on the left panel and click ‘Send Rewards’, then Xoxoday’s 1-1 widget opens.

Now, There are two ways to send 1:1 Rewards

🔗Through a Reward Link

This features generates a unique reward link. This link can be embedded in your custom emails to send rewards.

Step 2: Select Campaign

Select your Campaign from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Reward Link Generated

Voila! a unique Reward Link is generated for the Contact. This link can be sent to contact through any medium. We suggest you include this link in your custom emails.

📨Reward Email via Plum

This feature will send a custom email from the selected Campaign to the Contact.

Step 2: Select Campaign

From the Dropdown option, select your preferred Campaign.

Step 3: Reward Email Sent

Voila! The Reward email is sent.

📃Check Reward History

Reward History shows the rewards sent through ‘Rewards by Plum Email’ and ‘Reward Link’

Only Super-admins will be able to view the global list of Rewards sent by the team.