Send Reward Code: Send Individually

Learn how to send reward codes to recipients one at a time and or many at a time.

🎁 Reward code

Reward code provides a fast and secure method to send unique reward codes to different participants in your ecosystem, regardless of their location.



A Xoxo code is a 16 digit alpha numeric code that looks something like this: S1H2-R3E4-D5I6-S7T8B

Here are some of the features:

  • Allows guest checkout (recipient doesn't need to log in)
  • Allows partial redemption
  • Can be combined with up to 10 codes for a single checkout!


Best fit if you want to:

  • Allow easy redemption from our marketplace without account creation
  • Enable partial redemption or combining codes for larger rewards
  • Launch campaigns with unique landing pages and reward catalogs
  • Set expiry dates tailored to campaign duration and needs

Send Reward code to a few.

Here are the quick steps to send one at a time:

Step #1: Click on the Reward code section in the admin dashboard (under settings) and select and input who can redeem option settings.

Step #2 Select who can redeem the code

Here are the three options to choose from and what they mean —


Only the recipient of the code

In this option, the recipient (and their email address) you mention at the time of sending the reward code, say [email protected] as the recipient email, only that person can use the Reward Code (to collect vouchers on that speicfied email address).

It's best for direct sends to ensure the right person gets the reward.


Only users with same domain as yours

In this option, if your email is [email protected], only those email address on the same domain ( can use the Reward Code. This is recommended if you're sending the codes to people who might share them.


Any user with the code

In this option, any user that has code can use/redeem it against your pre-funded wallet. This is the least secure of options, and to be used only when needed.

Step #2: Enter recipient details such as Name, Email address, and Reward Code value.


Advanced Settings

With advanced settings you can use following:

  • Schedule the reward sends to a future time date. It will be sent out at 12 AM in the UTC.
  • Add a personal message in the email body for the recipient. The message that you enter here will be sent to all the recipients in the batch. Except otherwise as indicated in the .CSV file in case of bulk.
  • You can also add an internal reference note — a note to self that you'll can recall at a later time.

Step 3: Set an expiry (default is 12 months) and customize email and SMS messages as needed.


Pro Tip

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