Storefront: A Global Reward Marketplace

Plum Reward Marketplace is a prebuilt, hosted rewards storefront optimized for end-user delight.

🤝 Introduction to Marketplace

The Storefront is a customizable online marketplace where you can craft a distinct shopping experience for customers or employees. Utilizing white-label settings, you can adjust the appearance and branding to align with your brand identity. Our pre-built marketplace is a ready-to-use rewards storefront designed for the best user experience. Offering branded gift cards, unique experiences, fintech products, and merchandise, enables effortless and secure global distribution of rewards and incentives.

🎅 Catalog Options

One marketplace, with many categories and options — your one-stop-shop for all your rewarding needs.

💸 Payouts

From mass payouts to meal or fuel card provisions, our fintech partnerships offer comprehensive solutions. Drop us a line @ [email protected] for a tailored demo.

💳 Brand Giftcard

Extensive catalog of 10,000+ options from brands across 100+ countries if you already know their preferences. Drop us a line @ [email protected] for a tailored demo.

🎁 Merchandise

Say goodbye to the logistical nightmare and troubles of sourcing and sending hundreds of gifts across countries. Drop us a line @ [email protected] for a tailored demo.

🪂 Experience

You have the opportunity to offer an experience tailored to various interests, creating lasting memories. Drop us a line @ [email protected] for a tailored demo.

🧑🏼‍💻 For Developers

🛒 Marketplace Integration

Transform your reward points redemption process instantly with our plug-and-play global rewards catalog integration, delivering an exhilarating experience to your users within minutes. Check out the documentation.

🎨 Customize Storefront


Brand Preferrence

Customize the storefront to make it your own with a lot of branding option. Storefront Branding Customization