Submitting Verification Details

In this article, you'll see get information you need to complete the KYB verification step to kick start rewarding journey with Xoxoday!


What is the Plum account verification process?

Xoxoday, as a Fintech company, verifies businesses and gift card usage to comply with regulations. Plum verification ensures understanding of your business and intended use for tailored assistance.

✅ Steps and some pre-requisites

You can start and finish the KYB submission in 2 mins. Log in to the Admin Dashboard Here are the things you'll need to keep handy:

✔️ Basic Admin Basic Details

Your basic details such as Name, Email address, and a valid Phone number (you'll receive an OTP here).

✔️ Company Details

We need some basic details of the company as follows:

  1. Registered Business Name
  2. Country of Registration
  3. Registered Identification number (Example: GST, TAX ID, EIN, or DUNS etc)

✔️ Company Address

Lastly, you'll need to submit your company's registered address.



KYB details is a mandatory step to complete before being able to add funds or send rewards out.

Step by step guide

Here are the quick steps:

  • Go to Settings >> Account and fill out the details


Search and confirm company details

Alternatively, so select geographs we're able to fectch company details based on Name input. Currently, this feature is supported for customers in India only.

Search and confirm or create a new company

Search and confirm or create a new company


What to expect next

Expect an acknowledgment email within 2 hours. Our compliance team will then verify your details for account approval. Any additional information needed will be requested via email.

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