This API provides the payment hisotry

Request Parameters:

startDateStringthe start date of the report
endDateStringthe end date to which the report is required
limitIntegerthe number of entries that are required
pageIntegerdefine the pagination to extract the report


invoice_numberIntegerThis parameter provides the unique Invocie number
whenever a Invoice is generated
reference_idIntegerThis parameter provides Order reference ID for any
deductions or refunds
datestringThis parameter provides the transaction date
reasonstringThis parameter provides the reason of the
transaction like Funds added, Refunded, Brand
Voucher Issued
adjusted_amountIntegerThis parameter provides the information on amount
added or deducted from the Balance
closing_balanceIntegerThis parameter provides the information on the
closing balance after every transaction
transaction_statusStringThis provides information if the transaction status is
either Cancelled or Complete
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