The GetProfileAPI is used to verify account information and prevent fraud at the time of checkout. This API provides a second layer of account verification before the reward is sent, ensuring a seamless and secure customer experience. The API has to be built by the client so Xoxoday can consume it.


The request and response are for illustrative purposes and to help the client refer to a skeleton that Xoxoday deems acceptable.


Note: Please ensure that you share your response in JSON format only, as our system does not support any other data types.


  1. application/JSON


    "auth_token": "123xyz", //client's api token provided at the time of SSO
    "employee_id": "22816281"


api_keyAn authorisation value to successfully allow the request from Xoxoday to your system. This value is to be sent by the client during SSO redirection
employee_idEmployee ID or the UID of the end user


    "status": 1,
    "message": "Successfully loaded employee's data",
            "employee_id": "22816281",
            "company_email_id": "[email protected]",
            "first_name": "Dwight",
            "last_name": "Schrute",
            "primary_mobile_number": "",
            "designation_name": "Assistant Regional Manager",
            "department": "Sales",
            "group_company": "Dundler Mifflin"



status1 = successful 0 = failure
employee_data.employee_idEmployee ID or the UID of the end user
employee_data.company_email_idEmail address of the end user
employee_data.first_nameFirst name of the end user
employee_data.last_nameLast name of the end user
employee_data.primary_mobile_numberMobile number of the end user
employee_data.designation_nameDesignation of the end user
employee_data.departmentDepartment of the end user
employee_data.group_companyName of the company