The PlaceOrderAPI enables the client to place an order for vouchers available with Xoxoday


For orders placed with realtime products, the maximum response time is 120 seconds


A unique reference ID needs to be sent for every unique order in the "poNumber" parameter


We strongly recommend storing the request and response of every "PlaceOrderAPI" call

Implementation Notes

  1. To avoid facing an error while placing an order, please pass the valid productID and denomination
  2. The maximum order quantity allowed for the majority of the products is 10 unless mentioned otherwise in the "orderQuantityLimit" parameter in the GetVouchersAPI
  3. Certain brands require a phone number to process the order. You can refer to the "isPhoneNumberMandatory" parameter in the GetVouchersAPI to identify the products with this mandate
  4. Should you wish to notify the recipient via email, please pass "1" in the "notifyReceiverEmail" parameter
  5. We recommend you store the "poNumber" that you pass in the request and the "orderID" you receive in the response
  6. The "type" parameter indicates the type in which the voucher is delivered. The 4 types are as follows:
    1. code
    2. codePin
    3. url
    4. urlPin
  7. Should you get a 5xx error from the PlaceOrderAPI, please call GetOrderDetails and confirm if an order exists using the poNumber. If there's no order against the poNumber, you can go ahead and place another order
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