PlumPro APIs are now capable of returning callbacks to your pre-registered webhook URL.

Note: The Webhooks are only functional for Plum Pro APIs but not with Storefront Integration, Plum Pro Dashboard & Xoxo Link Integrations

Step 1: To receive the updated ('delivered' or 'canceled') reward delivery status, you will have to set up your callback URL for the listener to push the status to the required platforms.



Note 1: These statuses are asynchronous, and to ensure that they aren't blocked, it's vital to whitelist Xoxoday's callback URL IP: Doing so will help facilitate uninterrupted callback notifications from this IP.

Note 2: Our systems will send an attempt to post to a registered webhook URL thrice, after which the webhook URL will be ‘disabled’. However, this can be ‘enabled’ through our dashboard again.


'id': orderID<Number(20)>,
'data': {
  'orderId': <Number(11)>,
  'poNumber': <String(100)>, 
  'orderDate': <String(19)>, 
  'deliveryStatus': <String(9)[delivered|canceled]>
  'createdAt': <String(19)> 

Legend: <DataType(size)>


Parameter NameTypeDescription
IDInteger(20)Unique Webhook ID to identify that the webhook is thrown
Order IDInteger(11)Unique Xoxo Order ID whenever an order is placed via the Plum API
PO numberString(100)PoNumber if provided by the client while placing an order
OrderDateString(19)Date when an order is placed
Delivery StatusString(9)Order delivery status. Can be delivered or canceled
CreatedAtString(19)When callback was invoked