The Update Redemption Transaction allows Xoxoday to post the procurement information to the client’s endpoint. The API has to be built by the client so Xoxoday can consume it.


The request and response are for illustrative purposes and to help the client refer to a skeleton that Xoxoday deems acceptable.


Note: Please ensure that you share your response in JSON format only, as our system does not support any other data types.


  1. application/JSON


  "unique_id": "TTEO32S99ERCL",
  "auth_token": "0fe121f67cb0b90ef39fd83380bf1e12310912c86f4d7d5bfed3f3198e531b4f8d8af179b68361da28d0bc0353ce45ac7c374aa9c51dfb54c6705571f5ab8fe8",
  "total_points_redeemed": 348.5,
  "order_id": "AB1890082790",
  "order_date": 1693995688,
  "orderData": [
      "quantity": 1,
      "orderAmount": 10,
      "product": {
        "productId": "28811",
        "name": "Sony MDR-ZX110AP Wired On-Ear Headphones with tangle free cable",
        "category": "merchandise",
        "price": 10
      "quantity": 1,
      "orderAmount": 337.5,
      "product": {
        "productId": "28628",
        "name": "Flipkart Rs.250 Gift Card",
        "category": "giftcard",
        "price": 337.5


unique_idemail or phone norequiredUnique identifier for the user so that points are updated to the right user
auth_tokenrequiredSome authorization value to successfully allow the request from Xoxoday to your system. Authorization can be but not limited to hash, Basic auth, Bearer token, etc.
total_points_redeemedintegerrequiredTotal number of redeemed points
order_idintegerrequiredEvery order has a unique OrderID that helps get order details.
order_dateintegeroptionalEpoch value
order_dataarrayoptionalAn array of order details including the product details


  "status": "1",
  "message": "Successfully updated",
  "data": {
    "order_id": "12345"


status1 = success / 0 = failure
messageIndicates the APIs success/failure
order_idOrder ID of the item(s) ordered by the user