GetVouchers API enables the user to get a list of vouchers with desired filters available with the Xoxoday catalog

Filter Reference Table

KeyValue TypeDescription
productNameStringProduct names to be included
countryStringCountries to be included
priceStringPrice range filters to be included
minPriceStringMaximum price of the products looked for
currencyCodeStringCurrency codes to be included
deliveryTypeStringDelivery type to the voucher (realtime or delayed)


A limit of 500 requests per day is set for getVouchers API. If the number of requests cross the defined threshold you will receive the HTTP429 error.


Xoxoday recommends that you refresh your catalog four times within 24 hours.

The first sync happens at 12:00 AM followed by 6:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 6:00 PM.

Please note - These timings are per GMT+5:30 (India) time zone


Xoxoday updates the exchange rate everyday at 03:01 AM (GMT+5:30)


Difference between "Delayed Delivery" products and "Instant Delivery" products?

  • Delayed products can take upto 7 business days to fulfil/complete.
  • Brands accept the order from us and give the voucher code within the above mentioned period whereas Instant delivery products are immediately delivered meaning the voucher code is instantly available for redemption.

Implementation Notes

  1. To fetch exchangeRate in the GetVouchersAPI, pass "exchangeRate": 1 in the request body
  2. To fetch the list of filters, use GetFiltersAPI
  3. If the value type for a product is "open_value", please refer to the "minValue" and the "maxValue" parameters
  4. The values passed in the "fee" and "discount" parameters are in percentage (%)
  5. We recommend you cache the response from GetVouchersAPI in your database every time you sync our catalog
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