1-Many Link for Xoxolink’s Reward Automation


1 - many Xoxolink feature helps in enabling real-time rewarding and CTA hyperlinking for sending emails to the masses.

This feature is specially designed for sales and marketing teams using Xoxoday plum integrated with HubSpot.

1-many automation can be created from Xoxoday’s dashboard and the link generated can be copied and pasted to your marketing emails in HubSpot.

Feature Specification: Only the ones who are part of the contact list in HubSpot will be eligible to redeem their rewards, anyone apart from that will not have access.


  • As an admin, You should have already connected the Xoxoday with HubSpot.

Steps to create a 1-many campaign:

Step 1: The admin creates the Xoxolink campaign

Step 2: The admin creates Automation for HubSpot — and selects ‘1-many reward link’. Accepts the Information message and tick that you understood the guidelines. Click 'Continue'

Step 3: Select 'Campaign' Upon selecting Campaign, set the Expiry date, select Approval type as Manual or Automatic as per your preferences. You can also add Additional settings on 1. Start and End Date of Automation 2. Maximum number of Rewards to sent - Upon reaching max limit, the Automation will be completed. *Repeat Rewarding is disabled

Step 4: Upon creating a 1-many link for the automation — a link is generated to trigger rewards for that automation which users can ‘copy’ and use inside HubSpot emails

Pro Tip: Don't forget to copy the link( as shown in the above image), as you will have to hyperlink it to your email’s CTA on HubSpot.

Step 5: Adding the link inside HubSpot for launching Emails:

Step 5: Now you are good to go!! You can now send rewards to all of your contact lists in one go.

Steps to Redeem a 1-Many campaign

Below are the steps to redeem your rewards:

Step 1: From your reward email Click the CTA to go about redeeming.

Step 2: Below screen will open for you to redeem the reward:

Step 3: Once Authenticated, You will receive a redemption email for selecting your desirable reward.

Step 4: Select the Reward you wish to avail yourself:

During the Redemption journey —

  • End user inputs email address say [email protected]

  • If the email address is present in the HubSpot contacts, we proceed to send the reward

  • Else, we show an error message saying ‘Unable to validate. Please contact the sender of the email for further assistance ‘