Release February 2022

This February, we have undergone a few major changes on both the plum admin side and the integration side.

We have come up with an enhanced low balance notification, ease of sending xoxo links directly through the API. Improved email design will now enable admins to communicate more efficiently. Scroll below to learn more about these and much more.

On the integration side, we have improved Hubspot integration now Xoxoday plum passes reward automation campaign activities into Hubspot CRM via Custom events into Hubspot CRM, there is now ability with the admins to edit any existing automation created by the admin for the integration rewarding.

Here are more details about the latest update:

Low balance notification enhancements

With this release, the low balance notification will get triggered immediately after the balance reaches the threshold balance as set by the admin. This enables the admin to immediately take action and hence reduce the probability of redemption failing or other admins not being able to reward.

We have also enabled these notifications for companies that use the 3rd party reserve fund as well -eg, accounts connecting through Darwin Box, SAP. Disperz etc.

Xoxo Link API for directly sending links to emails

Up until now, the Generate xoxo link API ( ) allowed for the user to only specify “Campaign ID” and “Links quantity” as a part of the request. The user would receive Xoxo links as a part of the response which they can further distribute

With this release, in addition to the above, the user can also use the Generate xoxo link API to directly distribute links to the recipient email IDs and also set an expiry link for the Links generated as per their choice.

Cleaner and Sleek email design

In this release, we have enhanced the email templates sent with Xoxo Points and Plum Pro from the platform. This includes a cleaner UI for editing and selecting banners and logos, customizing the message while sending, the inclusion of a default message for the user, and previewing the email on both desktop and mobile. Admins can send a personalized message now, which will overwrite the default message.

Improvements made in templates for first-time Xoxo Points recipients detailing the steps to login and in templates of Xoxo Codes and Plum Pro where the quantity of Xoxo codes / Brand vouchers are more than 5.

Auto registration of new admins

A super admin while adding a new admin into the system, would not have to separately register the admin into the system now. This step has been eliminated from the user’s journey and is taken care of automatically in the backend.

Updated Payment Gateway

We have changed the international payment gateway partner from PayPal and it is now PayU as for our domestic accounts. Also, a Transaction Charge of 1.8% of the total value of recharge (as levied by PayU) will be applicable to all INR recharge transactions.

Auto-refund of a failed recharge

If the recharge fails, until now the refund has to be manually initiated by our team, and once done, the funds will be put back into the wallet. This created a delay in the overall rewarding activity. Now the refund process in case of recharge failure has been automated which means the amount will be added back to the client's wallet as soon as the recharge fails and the client can try again to continue rewarding.

Expiry Data Updates

With this sprint, the expiry of each individual reward will be visible under ‘View details’ of the record only. This will no longer be available as a separate column to filter out and the status of the rewards will be “delivered” if not “redeemed”.

Pre- Paid cards as a separate option in Xoxo Links

While creating xoxo Link campaigns, all available gift cards and prepaid cards were shown up as in the same single list. This is resulting in a readability issue in the drop-down as multiple currencies and a large list of denominations got listed out. We have now separated out the different categories of available products into “Gift Cards” “Prepaid” giving the user a clear picture to narrow down their brand's selection.

Increased character limit of Name field

The character limit for the name field while sending rewards (Points, Codes, Links,and Plum Pro) both in single send or by bulk upload has been increased from 30 to 70 to make accommodations for longer recipient names Other smaller admin improvements -

The PO number is now made a part of the plum pro reports. The input fields for Xoxo code have been renamed to “Value of Codes” and “No. of Codes” instead of “Denomination” and “Quantity” as this has previously led to the erroneous distribution of rewards due to confusion of the terms.


Improved Hubspot Integrations.

Hubspot Improvements - With this release, Xoxoday plum passes reward automation campaign activities into Hubspot CRM via Custom events into Hubspot CRM so that customers can view reward activity & status directly inside the Hubspot timeline for each rewarded contact (in Contact page) and use Xoxoday reward activity and attributes inside a workflow to segment lists, and build RoI reports within Hubspot CRM

Ability to edit integration automation.

Earlier there was no ability to edit any existing automation created by admin for the integration rewarding. Now the admin can edit details like: end-date, reward expiry any automation based on the requirement.

Get notified with integration automation updates

The latest update has added notifications and alerts for the integration automations as well. Now you will be notified with important updates like: when is automation ending, how many rewards remaining, reward success/failure updates etc.


Newly improved gift voucher descriptions

With the latest release, we have improved the gift vouchers pages layout to provide a better rewarding experience. Clear and sleek instruction for redemption.

Plum Rewards API

New Pricing Structure for Reward API

Offering new pricing plans for all our rewards API clients to get better discounts on popular vouchers across the globe. Increase your horizon of rewards with xoxoday’s rewards API platform to deliver more delight from our vast and existing gifting catalog.

Upcoming Features

Our upcoming features

Mobile number-based rewarding We’re adding mobile-based rewarding options for admins to reward users who only have a phone number and no email. This aims to offer a well-connected experience for a diverse set of end-users receiving rewards.

New Native Integration with Medallia

Our native integration with Medallia will let you incentivize surveys using Xoxo links. You can set up reward automation campaigns and distribute rewards based on 'survey completion and feedback collection' from the Medallia CX platform itself.

A brand new perks with discounted gift vouchers In the next release,

We're introducing a brand new vouchers catalog with inclusive deals and discounts on vouchers, popular brands' exclusive coupons, and exciting cashback.

Qualtrics SDK extension

You can set up and manage rewards within the Qualtrics dashboard without leaving the platform. The extension SDK allows you to manage rewards and the status, such as delivery and redemption, and the data is automatically synced back to Qualtrics for easier reporting.

On-Demand and one on one email rewarding within Hubspot Introducing on-demand emails in Hubspot

Your sales reps can use Plum to send on-demand emails from the ‘Contacts’ tab, allowing them to engage with prospects without navigating between multiple applications.

A Classic redesign for Admin and storefront platform

Plum's new look is coming soon, the UI of the admin platform and storefront is getting a redesign and will be more intuitive and accessible for you to use your favorite features.

Consumer Promotions

We are launching gamified consumer promotions with unique rewards distributed via QR code-based solutions, Reply to SMS, and IVR-based solutions. Gamifying promotions such as Scratch and Win, Spin the Wheel, Peel to Reveal, Sweepstakes, Price Drop, Quiz contests, refer and earn and many more and due to release in the upcoming month.