Guide to Configure End-points

Step 1: Initiate the process by logging in to the Xoxoday Admin dashboard using the provided link:

Step 2: Navigate to the Integrations section and select Darwinbox.

Step 3: Proceed to Configure the Darwinbox settings.

Step 4: Fill in the necessary fields, namely Username, Password, Datasetkey, and Redirect URL. You should have received these specific details from the Darwinbox team.

Step 5: Update the Endpoint URL and API Key for the following subsequent endpoints:

  1. Fetch Point Balance API
  2. Update Point Balance API Endpoint
  3. Fetch Employee Master API

Step 6: After completing the previous step, click the Verify and process button. Afterward, please notify to your implementation manager from Xoxoday, so that we can inform the Darwinbox team to activate the redemption button on your behalf.

Step 7: Upon the successful completion of this configuration, feel free to arrange a call with us to facilitate an onboarding session. During this session, we will guide you through both the end user journey and the admin dashboard.