Release October 2020

Release Oct'20: Special Offers & Discounts, Personalized Emails, and More

This month’s Xoxoday Plum release comes with lots of capabilities to enhance the user experience and enrich its utility for admins. From a new category of insurance on the Stores (also, did we tell you that bitcoin’s coming to Plum?), generating PDFs for points awarded to users, a revamp of the bulk-upload system, to an enhanced degree of customization while sending emails, here’s what’s new in the latest update. And yes—there’s a new category at Xoxoday Plum too—find out below.

Xoxo codes and points can be ceremonially rewarded with printable PDFs

Rewards are meant to have a personal touch and now the Xoxo codes and points rewarded to users can be sent out as printable PDFs with their names on it. By printing and distributing the codes, the organization can felicitate the receiver in a small huddle, stand-up, or just a handshake clubbed with the reward vouchers.

Proving to be pivotal in instances when rewards are to be given by someone other than the admin, the printable also has an option to put the initials of the receiver or not, in case the reward recipients are to be decided on the spot. This would ensure that the rewards are ready for distribution beforehand in hard copies.

Admins can check out special offers and discounts in the voucher catalog list

Xoxoday Plum’s best deals on the catalog of vouchers come with discounts and in some cases, surcharges, which can now be checked out in the voucher catalog. These vouchers are tailor-made for Xoxoday Plum clients and with the new release, these brand-specific discounts are visible to the admins in this listing.

Each brand and its vouchers that offer discounts or come with a surcharge are indicated with a ribbon which shows the rate of discount or surcharge on it. The admins can plan rewarding campaigns according to discounts provided for lucrative rewarding.

Admins can now clearly analyze their spending according to the remaining balance and threshold limit

As introduced over our previous releases, Plum hierarchical accounts have reward wallets and distributions that are managed by multiple admins under a wallet that’s managed by super-admin(s) of the same organization.

When it comes to hierarchical accounts, admins can analyze their spending on the rewards platform with respect to the wallet balance and remaining threshold. While earlier the remaining balance and threshold were shown in the top-right corner, now a threshold limit number has been put up.

This limit, set by the super-admin, will portray the clear data of balance remaining and the threshold limit. This would help in the analysis of points spent in rewarding every admin.

With a revamped bulk upload mechanism, rewarding huge audiences at once is simpler & smoother

In cases when admins reward a huge audience of people at once, a bulk upload option can be used for the distribution of both Xoxo Codes and Points. With a new step by step process, users can download the template CSV file, fill in the details of recipients and upload it. The uploaded file can also be removed and re-uploaded in case of errors, which would be highlighted after the upload.

Super Admins can set their custom threshold to be notified on low balance

With the last month’s release bringing up the zero-balance notification, this month’s update allows the super admins to set a threshold for themselves along with the other admins for the enterprise’s wallet. The super admins will be notified via email in case the balance depletes to their pre-set threshold to prevent cancellation of any scheduled rewards and a nonstop rewarding process.

Admins can now personalize emails while sending out gift vouchers to recipients

On the event when admins reward gift vouchers to people via Xoxoday Plum, they can now personalize emails with subject lines, label it as their own with a logo and also upload a customized banner or choose from a kitty of banners. Admins can also witness a preview of what’s being sent to recipients. Personalized email rewarding makes a better impact on recipients and this feature helps admins achieve it.

Users shopping for gift vouchers can now get all the details they need in the new layout

Customers shopping on Xoxoday Plum can now choose their choice of gift vouchers concerning the denominations and their quantity. With the change in layout, the user can choose the denomination of gift vouchers from the available list then and there and add it to the cart.

Another update on the gift voucher page is about gift voucher information. The users can read all about the terms and conditions of the gift vouchers in the How to Use, About, and Terms & Conditions section. There’s a pic-by-pic walkthrough for users to redeem the voucher.

New users can now instantly register and use points delivered to them via email

The new users who are rewarded with Xoxo Codes and Xoxo Points can redeem them instantly from the email they receive. The email with the reward enclosed has a description of the points given and how to redeem them. Unlike before, there’s no need to be registered first and then get rewarded separately.

When the gift vouchers are purchased from the store’s front end, the email in which they’re delivered to the customer is now sleek, crisp, and presents all the needed information at a glance—making it a delightful customer journey altogether.

Customers can now shop for a new category of Insurance products at Plum

The Xoxoday Stores now have a category of Insurance products for Xoxoday’s customer group in India. These can be availed at special rates and discounts and in an exclusive partnership with various health, general, and life insurance plan providers, the premiums can be paid through a closed-loop point system—aka Xoxo Points.

Each life insurance plan available is spelled out clearly in terms of benefits, the premium to be paid, the sum insured, validity, and terms and conditions so that the user does not have to search for any information that could assist in buying.

With the new banner on the Store, customers can check out exclusive deals and offers

With Xoxoday Plum delivering exclusive deals and offers to the users, customers can get up to speed with exclusive deals and offers related to products, services, and festivities that are up for grabs. Watch this space for new brands, products, and massive discounts.

Users can now edit their personal information on their own

Customers shopping at Xoxoday Stores can edit or add their phone numbers under the profile section themselves to receive the order confirmation and voucher codes on mobile.

That’s all for this feature release in Xoxoday Plum. Have a question? Talk to us.