Release June 2020

Plum New Features Release: June 2020

Xoxoday Plum, our exclusive rewards platform, brings a handful of upgrades with this release. There’s a new link-based API for redemption, front-end improvements, nudges on points-expiry, and bring-your-own-products feature, along with other changes. Let’s go through them all.

Generate URLs for Link-based Redemption with the API

Link-based redemption has proved to be a fruitful tool for admins to distribute vouchers through URL, which can be redeemed in just a click. However, the link-based redemption process for admins involved going to the platform and choosing vouchers from the catalog and then redeeming the links.

With the new Link-based Redemption API, all admin has to do is create campaigns once, after which they can use the API to generate links. This can be done so by sending campaign codes and the number of links to be generated, and they shall be delivered via email.

The admins won’t have to visit the platform and go through the whole process of campaign creation. All it’d take is the campaign code to generate the links, making the link-based redemption process quicker than before.

Automated Refund Process on Cancellation with PayU

Our integration with the PayU payment gateway was mentioned in May features release, and with the global payment gateway, we have automated refunds on canceled orders and purchases from Xoxoday Stores. In times before PayU Payment gateway, refunds were immaculately processed by the support team, but with automation, the process can easily be tracked via the PayU portal.

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For the ones using the link-based redemption option on the Xoxoday Store, improvements have been made on the front-end wherein they can shop for suggested vouchers in their points-range in case the voucher they were looking for goes out of stock.

The suggestions come as a replacement to the error-screen which was showcased when the offered voucher wasn’t available. With this fix, users can explore the given options in Xoxoday’s catalog of the same or different denominations.

Send Users a Nudge when Xoxocodes/Points are Near-Expiry

*This is a customizable feature. Please connect with [email protected] or your POC for details.

The users are notified via email when their Xoxocodes and/or points are near to the date of expiry. Xoxo Codes and points are valid for one year from the date they’re credited to the user’s account. It’s crucial to keep the users in the loop when the date of expiry comes near.

The users can check the validity of their Xoxocodes and points from the profile drop-down menu. But in order for them to make the most of it and not waste their points, nudges will be sent out.

This is a premium feature that our support team will be happy to walk you through. Please connect with your point of contact or write to us at [email protected] to know more.

Admins, Reward Every User with a Personalized Wish

While rewarding users with Xoxo Codes and points, the admins can include a personalized wish for each and every one of them. This can be done via a bulk upload through CSV file or simply on the campaign screen.

Earlier, the admins could pen down a single message for sending out rewards to multiple people, but with this update, they can keep it personal with the messages. The process is simple:

  • Download the template
  • Input your personalized message in every user’s row
  • Upload the CSV file back to the campaign menu.

Another way to do it from the campaign menu is to enter every personalized message beneath the user’s name and email.

Admins can Retrieve and Resend Lost Codes to Users

With the rise in cases of lost Xoxocodes from users’ ends, we’ve passed the front-end control to the admins so that they can retrieve and resend the codes. There were increased cases of lost emails, texts, and code numbers and now admins can assist the users from their end in sending the codes back.

The codes can only be retrieved and resent from the admin’s end within 15 days of the issue. In case of further delay, feel free to approach your point of contact or [email protected].

In the Admin menu, go to Reports > Xoxocode. Click on Action and Resend the code to the designated user(s).
This feature is only available for organizations with a single admin, the multi-admin compatibility of this feature shall be live soon; stay tuned.

Create Your Own Branded Store & show your SWAG!

Who doesn’t love some Souvenirs, Wearables, and Gifts (SWAG) from the workplace? Now showcase your own catalog of products on the Plum storefront. With the add-your-merchandise feature, organizations can add their own merchandise, perks, benefits, SWAG, and vouchers in their storefront along with Xoxoday’s catalog. All the users have to do is upload the images and a short description of what the merchandise is about and it’ll be live in the catalog.

Be it a coffee with your brand ambassador, lunch at the high table or simply tees, portable chargers, pens, and notebooks, showcase it all on the Plum Storefront, and let your people take their pick.

All the orders received on the merchandise will be automated. The admin(s) will get a report of orders placed on the same day so that the orders can be managed in real-time by the organization.

Learn how to Redeem with the Points Redemption Walkthrough

The users can go through the points redemption guide and clear any queries that they have. Find the answer to all your question in the document.


Here’s the points redemption walkthrough>>