Release March 2021

March 2021: Enhanced UI/UX, Upgraded Storefront + More

This March, we have six major updates for our users. This product release is well balanced in terms of improvements to our end-user storefront and the admin rewards dashboard. We hope these improvisations will help you deliver rewards effortlessly, and deliver on your business goals.

Here are more details about the updates:

Improved user experience in the admin dashboard

Concerning Xoxoday Points and Xoxoday Codes, users mentioned a clunky & cluttered-looking form that had a lot to put in before they could get started, and it sometimes made a simple process seem overwhelming.

We couldn’t keep ourselves calm knowing that! We have introduced a new dialog box (shown in the image below) wherein all the information for a single user is collected, allowing to focus on the information put in, and there is room for description for each input field with an ability to edit the information at any time.

With the new update, The UI/UX for the aforementioned sections in the admin dashboard has been revamped to reduce clutter and make it easier for Reward Admins to distribute rewards.

New Feature: Scheduling Rewards Distribution

Earlier, you might have faced some issues in terms of scheduling Xoxo Codes and Xoxo Points from the dashboard. With the new update, The scheduler functionality has been reintroduced for both bulk and single sending. It is now easier than ever to schedule rewards via Xoxo Codes and Xoxo Points. Now, you can distribute rewards for single/multiple recipients at a later date by selecting the date from the calendar. If left unchecked during the campaign, the rewards will be distributed instantly.

It is now easier to distribute Xoxo Links en masse:

As more and more users are exploring Xoxo Links, requests were pouring in for bulk uploading recipients to send out Xoxo links. With the new update, there are no more restrictions when it comes to uploading recipients in the Xoxo Links section. You can now upload the entire list of recipients using the prescribed CSV template and deliver Xoxo Links en masse. The functionality also allows you to send a personalized message for each recipient by adding the CSV file message and uploading it in the section as shown in the image below.

Sleek and revamped look for the Storefront

For end-users who sometimes had a hard time navigating through the cart and felt the UI was a bit clunky, this update is for you. The upgraded look for the Storefront aims to provide a much better user experience for the end-user. The changes include an updated representation of the gift voucher section, landing page, a cleaner listing of categories, removal of the perks section, and simplifying the header and footer options. It is also easier for end-users to now checkout directly from the cart.

Scheduled Rewards have a new home

If you had to navigate multiple sections in the admin dashboard to check the reports for scheduled Xoxo points and Xoxo Codes, we have made it simpler for you to view the data.

The Xoxo points and Xoxo codes that were scheduled can now be viewed in the respective reports section. This allows you to check the reports in a single destination and understand the usage patterns easily.

Users who have integrated Plum with third-party tools can distribute rewards via links

For Plum users who have integrated with third-party platforms, now you can send rewards in the form of links embedded in the recipient email.

A preview of the email and reward redemption page with link-based redemption is shown in the image below. With the latest update, distribute rewards via link-based redemption on the platform of your choice.

That is all for this product release! Have a question? Reach out to us here

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