Release June 2023

Plum Admin

Reports Improvements

With this release, all reports have been changed to optimize performance. The records available in the portal have been restricted to the last six months to reduce instances of timeouts and incorrect numbers. To access records before six months, the admin has an option to send them across over to their email.

In addition to this, we have implemented a filter that will allow the admins to view ‘records by ‘redemption date’.

The admins of Xoxo Links will be able to view a link wise report in the ‘Generate to self’ tab as well.

A Reference ID has been added to each report (Payment , Xoxo Point, Xoxo Code, Xoxo Link, Plum Pro) . This is to make it easy for the admin for recon and to have one unique identifier for each reward sent .

Launched Templates

A new tab has been introduced that has pre-defined templates that the admin user can pick from while sending rewards. This eases the process of sending rewards as the admin need not create email template modifications from scratch. Each predefined template comes with an appropriate banner and personalized message that the admin can just pick and send out.

Recommended Products

While selecting products on creating a campaign, the admin will be able to see a new section that will show recommended products to be selected in that country and for the selected denomination.

Change in Reward Module Names

The reward modules are updated to:

  • Xoxo Points -> Xoxo Reward Points
  • Xoxo Code -> Xoxo Reward Code
  • Xoxo Link -> Xoxo Reward Link
  • Plum PRO -> Xoxo Rewards API


Introduction tag for recommended products

With this release, we have introduced a new tag called 'Recommended' on the storefront. This tag aims to assist our users in identifying and purchasing the most popular products available in our catalog.

By labeling certain products as 'Recommended,' we ensure that our users can easily discover and access the most sought-after items.

Improved UI of Reward API catalog page with more filters and sorting

With the release, the user experience for the reward API catalog page is improved and more readable for the usage of sales team and API clients to know more about latest updated products and other details.

Xoxo Rewards API ( Previously Plum PRO)


  1. In getVouchers API response, tatInDays for the Delayed delivery products have been changes to " 2 - 7 " of value type String from " 0 " which was of value type String. This is introduced for improved accuracy in representing turnaround time that can help build user experience accordingly.
  2. Added new prince ranges in the Price Filter ( getFilters API ) - This will help Admins/Super Admins to filter products with ranges that were not available earlier and use it based on their use case.
  3. Included " access_toke_expiry " and " refersh_token_expiry " information in the token API response. Now this will allow users to get the information from the API response than going to the dashboard to know the information.

Xoxo Rewards API Dashboard

  1. Order Cancellation Notification for Plum Pro customers - Now Super Admins and Admins of the account will get a consolidated list of all the canceled orders of a day to their emails.


Webhook Payload: deliveryStatus for delivered orders is changed from " Delivered " to " delivered ". This is done to maintain sanity with the response users receive in Plum Pro APIs.

That’s all for this month’s new features at Xoxoday Plum. Missed the last update in features? Check it out here.