Release September 2020

Release Sep’20: Reward Automation, Email Templates & More

This release of Xoxoday Plum comes with major features of scheduling reward campaigns, nudges and reminders on low balance, a brand-new customized email template, and much more. Read away.

Admins can schedule automated rewards for a future date for timely rewarding

With Reward Automation, Admins can schedule rewards for a future date. These scheduled rewards can be managed in the “Scheduled Points/Codes” section in the Plum console. Automating a reward workflow substantially reduces the workload and ensures that the organization doesn’t miss out on events and milestones. This feature makes Xoxoday Plum one of the best reward management software.

To take an example, admins can now schedule rewards for birthdays, wedding and work anniversaries, and other recurring milestones. In case there’s a change in the schedules or recipients, they can choose the rewards that need to be canceled - before the date the reward was scheduled for. There’s no need to keep the wallet filled from the day, rewards are scheduled, but these should be recharged before the scheduled date arrives - else the reward automatically gets canceled.

Setting up Reward Automation

One can choose to either individually upload the list of email IDs while scheduling automated rewards or use the bulk upload option to choose recipients. The rewards can be automated for both Xoxo Points and Xoxo Codes and they will be automatically sent to the uploaded emails on the scheduled date without further work from the admin’s behalf.


One can schedule automated reward campaigns irrespective of the number of points in their wallet—as long as they recharge their wallets before the scheduled rewards are sent out. In cases where there’s a lack of point balance and the scheduled time arrives; the rewards will automatically be canceled.

Cancelling Scheduled Rewards

Admins can cancel the scheduled rewards at any time from the “Scheduled Points/Codes” section. In case the scheduled rewards get canceled due to insufficient balance in the wallet, the admins will be notified via email. This brings us to the next feature added with this release:

Get reminders to recharge the wallet & prevent bottlenecks in rewarding

With the new release, Xoxoday Plum will send out notifications reminding the admins to recharge their company wallets on zero balance to ensure a seamless flow of reward redemption. A low wallet balance severely interrupts the rewarding process - especially in cases where the rewards have already been sent out or scheduled.

The reminder notification will be sent again every three days in case the wallet isn’t recharged to ensure there’s no break in rewarding.

New customized email templates gives every reward a personal touch

This month's Plum's improvisation includes customized email templates which bring about major changes in the way rewards are sent out to the users as the admins now have the full capability to communicate with their desired level of personalization. The new email even highlights the key purpose of why the reward is being given to the recipient. One can create a subject line that is relevant to their audience and add a short personal message.

The new email also hands out clear instructions for recipients as to how to use the reward, a reward description as well as terms of use, making it a handy piece of communication.

Multi-admins of non-hierarchical accounts can now themselves add new admins, transfer funds & more

As introduced over our previous releases, Plum non-hierarchical accounts have reward wallets and distributions that are managed independently by multiple admins under the same organization.

In the previous feature's release, a non-hierarchical admin was given the capability of transferring their balance points to another from their company. As an add-on capability, with this release, they can even in turn add and register a new admin on Xoxoday Plum.

For example, if an organization wants to add a new admin to take care of rewarding duties, any existing one can add them if they’re registered on the organization's list. Post addition, the current admin can even transfer their reward balance to the newly added one and they can delete their own accounts.

The operation, which was earlier taken care of from Xoxoday’s end - speeds up the handover process.

Users will only see the relevant catalog offerings for every demography for a smooth experience

To offer a definitive user experience at the Plum Stores, users will only see categories that offer options in the selected country. Xoxoday Plum is a global platform with a unique gift catalog offering options from hundreds of countries. For a few of these countries, our offerings are limited - while we are in pursuit of adding more catalog options.

If you have any options to suggest in your geography, feel free to talk to us at [email protected].

Admins can toggle brands while setting up campaigns to avoid missing out

The new release offers a significant UI improvement in the gift catalog selection screen, making it much easier for admins to select, deselect, and view the brands chosen for a particular campaign while sending it over.

This improvement aims to help admins avoid errors during brand selection.

End-users can check their Xoxo Code balance while checking out with an improved payment flow

When end-users check out and pay by Xoxo Codes, they can now use multiple Xoxo Codes for every transaction. Previously, however, there was no indication as to how much balance was left in every Xoxo Code before it was exhausted. The Xoxo Codes balance can now be redeemed partially until it’s fully exhausted and for every transaction, up to 10 Xoxo Codes can be used.

With these improvements, the user will have better visibility of their Voucher and Xoxocode balances and also use multiple vouchers at one go.

Other Storefront Improvements with this Release

With every release, Xoxoday tries to make the Plum Stores better than before for users and admins. Users can now view their Xoxo Points on the top right as soon as they log in. We have included selection highlights for the store categories. Many small and significant UI changes have been made for smoother user flows in Xoxoday Plum Store helping enrich the user experience.

Users can browse through all categories of the Xoxoday Plum catalog with the “View All” option straight from the homepage. This helps them view the complete bouquet of offerings that the Store has to offer.

With the “How to Redeem” page, users can get all the information they need to use the Xoxoday Plum Store. With a step-by-step walkthrough guide of redemption, checkout, and Xoxo Codes, Xoxo Points, and delivery, users can get answers to all their questions here.

That’s all for this features release in Xoxoday Plum. Have a question? Talk to us.