Release May 2020

Enhance Your Rewarding Process With May 2020 Plum Release Features

The May product update from Xoxoday Plum comes with handy upgrades to make the rewarding process seamless. With simplified user flows, new integrations, new email templates, and beyond, this Plum release offers a better user experience for both platform admins as well as end-users.

All-new Campaign Dashboard for monitoring the rewarding process

Managing reward campaigns was previously a disconnected experience for the admins with having to navigate between different screens to view campaign details. With an intuitive redesign of the campaign dashboard, now the Plum admins can monitor the status of their reward campaigns seamlessly from a single interface. The dashboard displays the voucher redemption rates, status, and actions of every campaign that they have run.

An Improved Campaign Creation Interface

The new Xoxoday Plum campaign creation user interface helps admin users to quickly select catalog categories. The interface provides category tags and checkboxes to easily configure reward campaigns and thus quicken the campaign creation process. This UI improvement allows admins to easily verify their campaign selection to configure it more accurately and efficiently.

Customize The Reward Campaign Emails

With this release, Plum admins are given the option to configure the campaign email template as per their requirements. From the earlier standard email template that sent out the voucher codes to recipients, the admin can now tailor-make these emails with personalized messages and designs. This customization capability helps admins make the rewards more meaningful and personal to the recipients thus making it more effective.

Integration With Payu Payment Gateway Made Seamless

PayU, a global payment gateway that provides an array of payment options is now available seamlessly during purchase to Plum end-users. PayU offers one of the industry's highest security and payment success rates, multiple payment options, and round-the-clock support. This update helps users use the robust PayU gateway to make their purchases through the payment mode of their choice.

Integration With Webengage For Push Notifications

Xoxoday Plum integrates with WebEngage to engage the end-users better and help them stay updated on the new catalog offering. From having to scroll through a catalog of 21,000+ offerings, now the users are informed of new listings based on their interest through web and email push notifications. The integration aims to enhance the user experience of discovering a highly relevant offering for reward redemption.

Paypal As A Payment Option Is Live

Xoxoday Plum users now have an option to pay via Paypal, one of the world’s leading online payment portals for easy checkouts and fast processing. PayPal offers one-account mobility which can be used all around the globe - thus helping the users have a seamless redemption experience.

Improved Admin Experience While Generating Xoxo Redemption Links

Xoxoday Plum admins can now create and send out rewards with link-based redemption options to recipients from a quick-to-use interface. This interface gives the user the option to quickly choose the reward campaign, recipients, and authentication methods. The link-based redemption feature helps in the easy distribution of rewards and perks, making Xoxoday Plum versatile for various rewarding use cases.

Catalogue Expansion With New Global Offerings

Just like every new release, the Plum Storefront catalog keeps expanding to foray into new geographies and demographics. We work to constantly work towards improving our catalog offering with global vendor partnerships - to enrich the global redemption options for our end-user.

Here’s a list of additions in the Xoxoday Plum catalog in the month of May:

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