Create a Flow and add a Trigger Rewards

Creating a Flow in Salesforce for Xoxoday Plum Reward Automation

Before you get into creating your flows, you need to Create a Campaign and automation in Xoxoday Plum, Add the Xoxoday Refresh widget, and refresh it, to have all your old and new automation synced in.

Getting Started with Xoxoday Plum

How to Add the Widget to the Homepage

Step 0: Once you have added the widget click on "Refresh".

Step 1: On the homepage, Go to Navbar->Select Setup and Click on "Setup"

Step 2: On the Setup Dashboard, Search for "Flows" under Process Automation and Click on "New Flow".

Step 3: Now select the template type and Configure the Start Trigger Settings, Under Object: Select Lead/Contact and Click "done".

Step 4: Now next step would be to add a new element: from options select "Create records".

Step 5: Edit the Create Records settings and under object look for "XoxodayRewardFlowAutomations" and then Click "Done". (refer to above image)

Step 6: Now add another element and Select "Get Records".

Step 7: Edit the Get Records settings and under object look for "XoxodayRewardFlowAutomations" Once done, "Filter XoxodayRewardFlowAutomations Records" has to be updated. - In fields select "id" - In Values look for "Record (single) variables" ->Select your Xoxoday automation->Select "ID"

Step 8: Now the element that has to be added is "Action": Add element->Select Action->Uncategorised-> Action name: Xoxoday Plum Reward API.

Step 9: Update Input fields as per your flow (refer below image)

Step 10: Now "Save" your flow and Activate it.