Release April 2020

Plum Product Enhancements: April 2020

In the April 2020 update to our Rewards and Redemption platform, Plum focused on adding some innovative ways to distribute its extensive catalog and improving some existing features. Let’s have a look at what Plum’s April 2020 update has to offer.

Simplified URL-Based Rewarding

The latest update simplifies the user's reward redemption experience on Xoxoday Plum. With this new rewarding method, the user is provided with a URL, from where s/he can choose from a defined range of rewards and claim it in a single click.

This removes the cumbersome multi-step process of checkout, making the journey from selection to reward to redemption much simpler especially on a mobile device.

URL-based rewarding: Video guide -based rewarding: Video guide

The journey is seamless, and the user does not have to access any external website or system to redeem rewards. This removes the inconvenience for users of filling out a lot of information as the unique URL will have the following pre-stored information:

  • Value (Mandatory)
  • Catalog (Mandatory) - This will guide which brands to show
  • Name of User (Optional)
  • User E-mail (Optional)
  • User Phone (Optional)

Upon clicking the URL, the user will be shown the brands that s/he eligible to procure. The four-step process goes like this:

  1. The user clicks on the unique URL
  2. The listed brands are displayed
  3. Users can take their pick and click ‘Redeem’
  4. The brand voucher is displayed, from where the user chooses the reward and receives the code!

Plum-Pro Updates

Now procure an extensive catalog of vouchers from different brands from a choice of interfaces:

Web Interface for small quantities/single brand vouchers

The Plum-Pro API for bulk purchases

The Plum-Pro catalog can be expanded with easy integrations rather than approaching different vendors for a catalog of multiple vouchers.

The new APIs for Plum Pro are more robust, more secure, faster response and have a backward-compatible version as well. These result in:

  1. Seamless handling of errors with correct HTTP codes
  2. Easy migration from old APIs to new
  3. Improved API design and a modern tech stack
  4. Formidable uptime along with a faster response time
  5. Easy customer query resolution
  6. Supports future enhancements and new features
  7. An enhanced reports API to keep track of all requests

Admin Journey Revamp for Xoxo Codes & Points

The Xoxo Code and Points journey have been revamped in order to make it simpler for the admin. For the user, here-to-fore mandatory steps are also minimized and the journey is now just a single page send.

Campaigns have also been streamlined. In the new journey, all the information about campaigns and the email template is pre-selected and ready. The admin only has to select new field notes for reference. In addition, personalized messages can be sent to recipients.

Enhancements for Administrators

With the new update, it is possible for the super-admin to edit the list of admins i.e. add and/or delete another super admin.

This is crucial in cases when the responsibilities of handling the rewards change hands and the Super-Admin can add or edit the list of super admins.

Also, now it’s possible to add another admin and register the same person as a user simultaneously. No need to add the person to the overall user list first and then make him/her the admin from the existing list.

Now the organization’s super-admin has the power to manage admins entirely.

Guest Checkouts

Xoxoday Plum now supports checkouts by all site visitors. Anyone can explore thousands of offers, experiences, vouchers, deals, and more on the Xoxoday Store.

Previously, Xoxo Codes or Points were required to shop from the Xoxoday Store, typically by an employee recipient. Any site visitor can browse as a "guest" and buy, on registration of an email address, with a payment method of their choice.

The ‘How to Use’ Section

The users can decide on the basis of redemption procedures. The unique steps to redeem for each brand are represented individually just under the voucher listing.

To address the user's frequently asked questions and increase redemptions we display redemption steps and options for each brand just under the voucher listing

Globally Expanded Catalog

Our extensive catalog of 2000+ vouchers just got even better. We have added three new catalog vendor-partners (via API integrations), expanding the Xoxoday catalog to further reaches of the globe

That's all for the Plum Product Enhancements launched in April 2020. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us, or book a demo. Until then, stay safe and stay home!