Release September 2021

Send anonymous rewards, change the shelf date for Xoxo Codes, and access a revamped Storefront UI.

This September, we have several new updates for Xoxoday customers and Storefront users.

For admins, the recharge flow has been completely revamped and comes with added security measures. They can also change the expiry date of Xoxo Codes depending on the use case.

For Storefront users, it is now possible to avail anonymous rewards and access a revamped Storefront.

Here are more details about the latest update:

For Admins

New Recharge Flow With Options Including PayPal

The earlier recharge workflow didn’t include security measures such as OTP Verification and a Paypal payment gateway for international payments.

With the new release, we have completely revamped the recharge process and added multi-factor authentication to ensure that the process is safe. We have also added a Paypal payment gateway processing fee of 2% for international customers and the markup or discount % specific for that customer.

Customers will also be notified of the option of direct bank transfer on the screen itself.

In addition to these changes, a new requirement has made it mandatory for customers to submit a billing address and Tax ID for recharge above the threshold level and for any invoice generation.

Variable Expiry Date For Xoxo Codes

A lot of customers requested the ability to change the expiry date of Xoxo Codes, especially when running time-bound campaigns.

With the latest update, customers sending Xoxo Codes as a mode of reward can now set an expiry to the Xoxo code as they choose. The options currently include one, three, six, and twelve months after the date of sending the reward.

These options are also applicable for Xoxo Codes that are scheduled to be delivered at a later date. This was previously not possible as Xoxo codes had a default expiry date of 1 year from the date of generation.

Banner Customization

Admins had difficulties earlier when customizing the banner image of the reward emailers.

With the latest update, customizing reward emails while sending rewards has become much easier with the new banner selection screens. The admin will now be able to search for a particular banner, be it a holiday or a personal milestone, drill down into a particular category and explore several options.

They can also choose to upload their own images, which will be available with the filename in a separate folder for easier access.

Admins Can Create/Edit Other Campaigns In The Organization

Earlier, it was not possible for different admins across the account to view, edit or access the details of each other’s campaigns. This was a drawback especially when the customer was running an organization-wide campaign.

With this release, all admins will be able to view and select all campaigns available in the account. The campaigns also are completely editable in terms of allowing for product additions, product removals until redemption starts by the admin who has created the campaign.

For End Users & Admins

Anonymous Survey Rewarding

In the survey and market research industry, a lot of surveys are conducted in an anonymous fashion. While recipient rewards for anonymous surveys are very common, our earlier process didn’t enable anonymous rewards for admins.

With the latest release, the anonymous survey rewarding feature has been introduced for Qualtrics <> Xoxoday integration, thus allowing an option to set up a Xoxo Link reward campaign without the need for providing any information on the survey. Admins can also set up a reward email collection landing page with basic customization.

IP based selection of country code

The Storefront and admin dashboard has been revamped to enable IP-based selection of country code based on the feedback received from customers.

Both in Storefront checkouts as well in the admin portal, the country code will be automatically populated whenever there is a phone number entry required. This reduces the time in filling out details and faster completion of the checkout and reward setup process.

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