Release April 2023

Discover additional brands in Xoxo links

With this release, we have added a feature in Xoxo reward links: admins can now include up to 50 brands in a campaign, giving users access to a wider selection of brands for more customized and targeted campaigns. This opens up new opportunities to showcase products and services to potential customers.

Customize your Catalog with Xoxo Points

We've added a new feature that allows admins to customise the rewards catalog when sending Xoxo points. With Catalog Customisation, customers can create a tailored catalog of options that suit each recipient's interests and needs, taking their reward-giving experience to the next level.

Integration with Forsta

We're excited to announce our integration with Forsta (previously Decipher) - an enterprise-grade survey tool. This integration allows Forsta users to automate survey rewards and incentives directly within their environment, based on triggers like geography and denominations. With a quick and easy setup, customers can now reward their survey respondents seamlessly, saving time and effort.

Email domain authentication

Our latest feature simplifies the process of sending reward emails via a client's domain. Previously, clients had to raise a CS ticket to authenticate their domain, but now Super Admins can do it themselves in just three easy steps. Users can customize their Sender email from settings, giving them greater control over the reward-giving experience.

Showing the creator of Automation

Super Admins can now identify the creators of Automations, enabling them to better monitor and manage ownership and administration of specific Automations. This increased visibility can ensure effective implementation.

Introducing variable denomination

Variable denomination options are now available in Storefront, Plum PRO Dashboard, and Xoxo links. Admins can enter their desired denomination for certain brands and products during checkout or campaign creation, providing greater flexibility.

Download all link options in Xoxo Links (Generate to Self)

All links across all batches can be downloaded at a single click as against downloading each batch separately from the download option under reports.

New Sample CSV files

Previously, the sample file format in Xoxo points, codes and links were having test email addresses and was not matching the persona of HR and the rewarding use-cases. This is revamped completely in the current version which comes along with how to use the sheet instructions.

New DIY Flow and home page with Zero States for all pages

A new flow has been made live that prominently highlights to the user to submit business verification and also allows them to navigate across all pages and features explicitly mentioning the features that require verification.

Timestamp in Reports is now in UTC format

In Admin Reports, users will now be able to see the Order Sent & Delivered Date and time in UTC format. This will help them get data in UTC format than in IST format which was followed earlier.

Automated the amazon global brand KYB

Now Admins can apply for a global amazon brand voucher from plum admin. The xoxoday team will take care of the approval and update with the status. This helps admins fast track the brand KYC approval process and reward quicker.