Reward Code

A reward code that can used partially and in combination with other valid codes (up to 10).

🎁 Reward code

Reward Code provides a fast and secure method to send unique reward codes to different participants in your ecosystem, regardless of their location.



A Xoxo code is a 16 digit alpha numeric code that looks something like this: S1H2-R3E4-D5I6-S7T8B

Here are some of the features:

  • Allows guest checkout (recipient doesn't need to log in)
  • Allows partial redemption
  • Can be combined with up to 10 codes for a single checkout!


Best fit if you want to:

  • Allow easy redemption from our marketplace without account creation
  • Enable partial redemption or combining codes for larger rewards
  • Launch campaigns with unique landing pages and reward catalogs
  • Set expiry dates tailored to campaign duration and needs

Things to keep in mind


Important points

  • Each Xoxo Reward Code can hold up to 50,000 points, usable without campaign restrictions
  • Use up to 15 Xoxo Reward Codes per transaction, applying them individually
  • Xoxo Reward Codes are valid for 1 year by default
  • Send a maximum of 9,999 vouchers to one person at a time
  • Order multiple gift cards within your Xoxo Reward Code Balance limit

Learn how to send Reward Code 👇


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