Release September 2022

Plum Admin

Upload records in Bulk

With new-and-improved bulk upload capabilities, admins can save time and check the real time records as they gets processed. It’s now easier than ever to upload the maximum records in a single file with fewer failures than ever before.

Send global code in Xoxo links

The global xoxo code feature makes it quicker and easier for global companies to offer international catalog for end-users to choose from based on their local currency. You can combine the global xoxo code when sending Link-based campaigns, and end users can redeem it without worrying about conversion hassles.

Admin Reports and Campaign improvements

A number of smaller improvements with both UI and the functionality for admin facing reports and the campaign creation page has been carried out along with the sprint that makes the admin journey smoother.

Send direct-to-wallet rewards

Reach and engage users with the right reward at the right time by sending direct-to-wallet options in the reward catalog. Admins now have the freedom to reward how they want - with gift cards, with experiences, with direct-to-wallet options; you name it. You can now send the Paytm, and other direct-to-wallet options with Xoxo Link campaigns, which end users can then redeem after a successful verification.

Track deeper insights with advanced reporting

For Plum PRO customers we have enabled report archival where the admins will be able to view all the records upto the last 6 months. If they wish to have data beyond 6 months, we have provided means for them to raise a request and the requested data will be sent over to their email id without any manual intervention. This is done to optimize the performance of the reports section. For non multi admin types of companies, we have also tweaked the reports to permanently address issues reported by clients on the data mismatch . We are currently showing the overall wallet balance as well to the admins accessing the reports section.


Send 1 to 1 reward from HubSpot

Building the pipeline and acquiring the customers often feels like sales teams now need superhuman speed just to keep up. We are bringing one of the core HubSpot features to help drive sales growth.

Now, the HubSpot users can send the 1-to-1 rewards emails to the prospect within HubSpot. Our native HubSpot integration makes it easy for sales reps to send rewards directly from the contacts page and focus on effective conversations without any clutter getting in the way.

Plum is available at Salesforce AppExchange

Embed rewards & incentives to your Salesforce CRM and grow your sales pipeline

  • Send one-to-one rewards
  • Automate rewards with triggers and workflows
  • Powerful reporting and insightful analytics


Stores Design Revamp

The overall layout and design of Xoxoday plum stores has been given a complete new overhaul to enhance redemption experience for all our end-users. Enhancements have been done to the mobile version, product pages and overall checkout flow.


New payment infrastructure for EU and UK regions

With the recent product release, we have integrated with a new and local payment processor “EMP” to ease the online payments and provide the best customer experience for EURO and GBP currencies. A new payments infrastructure enables admins to load funds into the wallet in real time using various credit/debit payment cards.

In Stores admin recharge section we introduced offline payment, which will help users to make offline payment & recharge their accounts automatically.