Release August 2020

Release Aug' 20: Digital Rewards Management Easier than Ever

The Xoxoday Store comes up with a handful of new features in August. Along with handy admin capabilities, ease of redemption for users, digital rewards management, and global guest checkout, here’s how the new features released in August look like at Xoxoday Plum.

Manage different organizational wallets hierarchically with hierarchy capability in reward administration

Even though the multi-admin capability helped different admins of an organization manage their separate wallets with full functionalities, it was tough to track and control the organization level rewarding functions and reward administration. With the new admin hierarchy feature, a super-admin can manage separate wallets hierarchically under a common wallet - across all distribution methods.

Super admin(s) can now set thresholds for admins while they distribute points as well as send out brand vouchers. The common wallet can be recharged and admin-wise spending patterns can be tracked by the super admin. This provides a holistic view of rewarding patterns throughout the organization and helps in reward administration.

NOTE: To know more about how to enable this feature on your existing Xoxoday Plum platform, please talk to your Account Manager or wave to us at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to run you through.

Multi-admins of non-hierarchical accounts can now transfer funds amongst each other

When a reward program admin leaves an organization, they previously could not transfer their balance points to another admin, disrupting the balance availability. With this release, program admins who are being relieved from the company can readily transfer the amount in their wallet to another admins’ account.

An admin can either transfer their share of points to existing admins before leaving their roles, or they can add another admin and transfer the points - according to what works best for them. This capability makes reward management especially the reward points management seamless for the organization. Xoxoday Plum has made employee reward management an easy task. That's the reason why it is considered one of the best employee reward management software worldwide.

Anyone can shop at Xoxoday Plum! the Global Guest Checkout desk is live

The Xoxoday Store is home to thousands of employee perks and benefits, experiences, vouchers, and surprises. With the new guest checkout, anyone can now check into the Xoxoday Store and shop through a wide catalog of options. In other words, a user who does not have Xoxo codes, Xoxo points, or even a Plum user account can go ahead and purchase gift cards and experiences that they have laid their eyes on.

Customers can browse through the Xoxoday Store, add items to cart and check out as a guest via email. With payment options safe and secure, the users can complete transactions seamlessly. In essence, customers no longer need a Xoxo Code or need to have xoxo points to purchase an item of their choice from Plum.

First-time users, know the Store when you visit with the Redemption Walkthrough

Learn how to redeem gift cards, points, and Xoxocodes on your first visit with a short redemption walkthrough. There’s a step-by-step process to understand how to redeem via gift card codes and via Xoxo points. To know more about Xoxocodes and XoxoPoints redemption, check out the given link.

In addition to that, the customers can also check the validity and balance of their Xoxo Code right from the home screen along with the link to ‘How to Redeem’ that will be always accessible from the Plum site header.

Admins, keep track of the rewarding context with the Notes feature

There are countless instances of rewarding at Xoxoday Plum and keeping track of each is not possible without a brief detail from the rewarder. In the reports section, the rewarder can give a description of why they are rewarded as it helps get a clear picture of the digital rewarding activity. With that, the admins can adjudicate on the context of reward(s) and their utility.

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Users can now receive Xoxocodes and Xoxopoints via SMS

To help reward program admins deliver digital rewards to even remote users, Plum has now enabled Xoxocode, Xoxopoint, and Gift voucher delivery via SMS. The end users now receive notifications via SMS when the points, codes, and gift voucher credentials are sent. This SMS includes the redemption codes and a URL to Plum stores or the respective brand catalog where the digital rewards codes and vouchers can be redeemed. This makes digital rewards program management easy.

Users can clear all queries with FAQ Help-bot

With the new FAQ Prime assistant, users and shoppers can get all their grievances answered with the given FAQ guide. In case the problem is left unresolved, the user can switch to live chat or raise a ticket.

This solves all the user problems then and there meanwhile if the solution to the issue can’t be found, it can be taken up in real-time.

The Xoxoday Store is Optimized and Quicker than ever

Considerable improvements were made in the engine room that improved the page and image loading speed to make the Xoxoday Plum experience smoother for the end-users.

New Additions to the Xoxoday Stores in employee perks and benefits

Last but not least we have the addition of various employee perks and benefits.

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That’s all for this month’s new features at Xoxoday Plum. Missed the last update in features? Check it out here.