Send Reward Links: Send Individually

Learn how to send reward link to recipients one at a time and or many at a time.

About Reward Link

Quickly create campaigns and distribute rewards with Reward Link. Share the link through any channel, allowing recipients to redeem rewards from a curated list of global brands easily.

Xoxolink is a good fit if you want to

  • Provide recipients with one-click redemption without the hassle of account creation 👍
  • Create campaigns with micro-landing pages with your hand-picked gift selections 👍
  • Customize link expiry dates to match campaign needs 👍



You'll need to create a campaign to be able to send Xoxolink rewards to recipients. Click here to learn how.

Send Reward Link to a few

Here are the quick steps to send one at a time:

Step #1: Click on the Xoxo Link section in the admin dashboard.

Step #2: Select the camapign you want to send a reward link from.

Step 3: Now, add recipient details manually. Enter their "Name", "Email Address" and "Phone Number" as needed.

Step 4: Set an expiry (default is 12 months) and customize email and SMS messages as needed.

Step 5 Send Reward Link by clicking the “Send Reward” button at the bottom of the page.


Send Xoxolink to Many at a time.

Click here Send Reward Links: to Many to send Xoxolinks to many at once.