Storefront Branding Customization

Learn about Storefront Branding Customization settings.

Storefront Branding

Custom Storefront URL

An exclusive feature allows you to set a personalized URL key for your customers or employees to access the storefront. This URL reflects your white-label settings and can be configured only once.

Global Reward Catalog

This feature allow to customise the reward catalog shown in our marketplace. You can enable or disable categories like Gift Cards, Merchandise and Experience along with control of restricting some catalog for different countries.

Custom Logo

  • Choose a transparent logo file (maximum size: 240 x 80 px).
  • Upload it to the platform and click "Save changes".

Your brand logo will prominently appear in the upper left corner of your website and in all email communications. Switch to the storefront to preview its placement and appearance.


Allow digital payments to your users

By default, users can make partial payments using their personal credit/debit cards or bank accounts after deducting the amount with available codes/points. If you prefer not to display this option, you can deactivate it here.



Note that disabling the payment gateway will prevent customers from completing their purchases if they have insufficient points/codes.