Release December 2022

Plum Admin

We're back again to share some significant feature upgrades that have happened on the 'Plum Admin' side over the weeks, and we can't wait to share about this newly revamped avatar.

The revamp project is a massive step in making our platform stand at par with the other recognised global SaaS players. This is no less than a milestone in having a common design language for all products of Xoxoday.

Highlights of the newly upgraded ‘Plum Admin’:

  • Enhanced UI:The dashboard is cleaner, easier, and sleeker, with an improved look and more intuitive interface.
  • Easy navigation:The navigation is now standardised and much more organized to help you quickly find and accomplish tasks from the dashboard.
  • Simplified UX:Sending rewards (across all modes of distribution: Code, Links, and Points) to your recipients is as easy as a single click.
  • Better reward tracking:View the total number of rewards sent, redeemed, and cancelled (monthly/yearly) from the dashboard's homepage. Click on 'View reports' to have a bird's-eye view of all the transactions done, along with other data insights.


Our platform now integrates with 'Payoneer,' a payment processor to manage international currencies (except EURO and GBP) and help businesses to do a wallet recharge (in any currency) in real-time via credit or debit cards (VISA/MasterCard).

Clients can do a wallet recharge of up to USD 1000 per transaction.