Getting Started with Xoxoday Plum

Creating a Xoxolink Campaign

Step 1: Login/Signup to your Xoxoday account here.

Step 2: Now select the Campaign tab, Select Xoxo Link Campaign, and click on "Create New"

Step 3: From here you can set up your Campaign, Customise your Catalogue, and also add a landing page if required.

Step 4: Customize your Catalogue as per the Country, Denomination of the Campaign, and Select your Vouchers. Once done click "Save and Close".

Step 5: Now you can customize the Email/SMS template to be sent.

Step 6: Click "Preview" and now you can edit the redemption page backgroud.

Step 7: Click "Update Campaign" and you are good to go!

Creating Xoxolink Automation for Salesforce

Step 1: Click on Salesforce Integration under Manage Integration and select "Connect" to sync Salesforce with Xoxoday Plum.

Once you click on Connect

Once you click on the "Connect" button, you will be taken to the salesforce page to finish connecting both Platforms. Refer to the below link for the Steps.

Getting Started and Setting up Salesforce Integration

Step 2: Now on the Salesforce page Click "Create New Automation" then give your reward automation a name and select the type of trigger manual or automated and Click "Launch".

Step 3: To view Reward automation statistics, select the reward automation from the created automation.

Recharging your Xoxoday Account Wallet

Complete your KYB before doing the recharge, as you will be able to recharge only up to INR 10000 until your account is verified.