Release May 2021

May 2021: Revamped admin dashboard, expanded global catalog + more

This May, we have several updates for admins and end-users. For admins, the entire platform has been upgraded with several UI/UX changes.

An expanded catalog and a new user interface for the Storefront users make it easier for them to redeem rewards seamlessly.

Here are more details about the new update:

  1. Seamlessly upload recipients en masse in the admin dashboard:
    Admins told us that they were not getting feedback on the status of the file uploaded or what percentage of the records were being processed.
    With the latest release, the bulk upload process has been revamped, helping admins understand what went wrong with the upload. Admins can upload up to 10000 records in a single file and rectify the errors before sending the file to processing. They can also track real-time status on the percentage of successful uploads in the contact list.
    The added checkpoints such as “Uploaded File Name Check,” “Bulk Upload Progress,” etc., will ensure that the entire process is as smooth as possible.
  2. Enhanced UI for admins
    With this release, the entire “Settings” section has been overhauled to make it easier for admins to distribute rewards. Earlier, there were multiple sections present for admin settings, making it hard to navigate. There is now proper segregation in Platform Preferences into “Profile,” “Storefront,” and “Rewarding and communication.
    The option to move to the Storefront and view profile details can now be accessed by clicking on the Account Name on the top right corner.
    A single section now defines the platform’s usage for admins and manages multiple admins in the dashboard. The default landing page and “Wallet Balance” section have also been remodeled to make it easier for the admins to view and send rewards.
  3. Ability to customize SMS in the “Xoxo Points” and “Xoxo Codes” section:
    It was earlier not possible for admins to view the SMS sent along with the reward.
    The latest update lets an admin preview the SMS before it is sent to the end-users; he/she can also customize and add a personalized message to the recipient when the SMS is delivered. The admin can also tailor the message as per the campaign.
    In the “Reports” section, the SMSes can be resent at any point in time. The status of the distributed rewards via SMS can be viewed by just searching for the phone number here.
  4. Updates under “Platform Settings”
    The new update lets the super admins choose to make the overall balance of the company wallet visible/hidden to the other admins. This feature was a request from multiple enterprise clients running large reward programs, with each admin responsible for their reward budget.
    A Tax ID form and the option to reconfirm the details have been introduced to enable error-free Tax ID update in the platform. It is mandatory to fill in tax ID for a recharge or rewarding transaction in the platform and is a one-time setting essential for billing purposes.
    “Reset to last save” feature enables the admin users to make changes and revert if need be.
    The overall organization and grouping of each setting for admins have been made more intuitive.
  5. Easier checkout with enhanced UI for Storefront Users
    Storefront users told us that they were adding products unintentionally while checking out.
    With the latest update on adding a product to the cart, the user is directed to the “Go to Cart” button making the user’s overall redemption journey more conversational.
    This also reduces the possibility of the user adding multiple quantities of the same product unintentionally.
  6. Expanded Catalog in the Storefront
    With four new additional vendor integrations, Storefront users can now enjoy access to a broad catalog covering new brands and geographies.
    Plum marks its presence in Canada and China with this release. Plum has also expanded its US and New Zealand presence with 100s of gift vouchers and incentives across categories.
  7. Xoxo Link personalization
    Earlier, it wasn’t possible to customize the email when the admin ran the campaign under the “Xoxo Links” section.
    With the new release, the admin user can modify the Sender Name, Email, and Footer of the email to customize the campaign as per his/her needs.

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