Release April 2024

We have a ton of collective knowledge to share with you! In the past few weeks, we've added new features to our Plum platform, including new invoice download functionality, expanded japan catalog and many other improvements for the admins. But that's not all we have revealed the new features expected in the upcoming months.

New Invoice Download Functionality

The admin dashboard now includes a convenient invoice download option. Users can directly access and download their invoices, streamlining the process and improving accessibility to essential documentation.

Optimized Mobile Number Validation

Improvements have been made to the mobile number validation process during reward issuance. The system will now promptly notify users for corrections when entering recipient details, enabling immediate rectification. Additionally, the "Are you Sure?" prompt has been removed, redirecting administrators directly to the mobile number edit page or back button for a more efficient workflow.

Expanded Japan Catalog

To better serve our Japanese customers, we have significantly expanded our product catalog by introducing a wider range of premium brands and offerings tailored to their preferences.

Enhanced User Experience in Catalog Browsing

The catalog page has undergone a redesign to deliver an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Customers can now easily locate product discounts and compare pricing plans across various options, facilitating informed decision-making.

Upcoming Features

IP Whitelisting Made Convenient

Administrators will now have the ability to whitelist IP addresses directly from the Admin Dashboard. This feature will enable seamless access to APIs without the need for manual whitelisting processes, streamlining your workflow and enhancing operational efficiency.

Account Setup Simplified

We understand the importance of a smooth account setup process. To facilitate this, we are streamlining the account verification flow by providing pre-filled business information details. This enhancement will save you valuable time by eliminating the need to manually enter tax numbers and other details, allowing you to complete your account setup effortlessly.

Personalized Reward Communications

In our continuous effort to provide personalized experiences, we are introducing new customization options for reward email templates. You will now have the ability to add custom messages in the email body and include a footer at the end of the email. This feature will enable you to tailor reward communications to your specific needs, enhancing brand recognition and improving recipient engagement.