Building a strong panel for your survey to collect insights that are accurate, insightful, and meaningful takes a lot of effort. But that’s definitely not the end of it. The success of the survey depends on how many of these people actually respond to the survey.

A Low response rate is one of the biggest challenges that most marketers face while conducting a survey.

So how do you encourage people to respond to your surveys? How can you improve the response rate to get better insights?

One of the most widely adopted, and not-so-secret motivator that nudges respondents to complete surveys is instant rewards, incentives, and benefits.

Xoxoday Plum, with SurveyMonkey, has integrated to empower organizations to significantly improve survey response rates by engaging the respondents with automated digital rewards and benefits.

The seamless integration between the platforms ensures a superior user experience by eliminating any kind of manual gift-code management. You can now simply create a reward automation campaign on Xoxoday Plum to automatically send rewards to all respondents who complete the survey.

Highlights of the Integration

Once the integration between the two platforms is enabled, you no more have to juggle between spreadsheets to track or manage reward campaigns, or manually procure and distribute rewards. Xoxoday Plum not only simplifies the rewarding process, but also brings a host of value addition to the integration. Here are some of the key highlights:

Automated Rewards on Completion of Survey

The integration allows you to set up Reward automation Campaigns on Xoxoday Plum and send out rewards respondents to complete the survey. Not just that, the survey respondents can choose gifts, perks, and experiences of their choice from Xoxoday’s extensive global catalog.

You can also restrict the number of rewards sent out based on criteria like - campaign time range, Maximum Reward count, etc.

Built-in Approval Workflows

Integration with Xoxoday allows you to have complete control over who among your respondents to send the rewards to. The built-in approval system lets you review and approve respondents individually or in bulk. This ensures that there are no repeat claims that take place.

Customized Communication Templates

Survey rewards can be sent to respondents through customized email templates to represent your organizational DNA - with your own logo, messaging, and images so they are instantly recognized and don’t get lost in their inbox.

Extensive Global Catalogue

Xoxoday’s storefront offers an extensive global catalog of 5000+ experiences, 3000+ gift vouchers, and 12000+ perks for your users to choose from. Plum also offers a wide range of reward distribution modes like sending bulk vouchers via emails, SMS, WhatsApp, generation of bulk voucher codes, and distribution through APIs.

Dedicated Redemption Support

Our API integrations ensure that the redemption process is seamless and non-intrusive for your users. Further to this, we also offer global support for all your user queries during redemption.

How does the Integration Works?

Follow the step-by-step guide to set up the integration between Xoxoday and SurveyMonkey, and create & run reward campaigns.

Step 1:Go to SurveyMonkey App Marketplace → Search for Xoxoday Plum

Step 2: Click on the “Install” button to connect with Xoxoday Plum.

Step 3: Now, you will be redirected to the Xoxoday app registration process

Log in/Sign-up to your Xoxoday account with admin credentials to access to Xoxoday admin dashboard.

Step 4: In this step, you will be required to fill in the below details:

  1. Company Name: It will be used for customer communication and invoicing purposes.
  2. Currency: The currency selected will be used for all your transactions
  3. Tax ID: The company Tax ID will be used to issue the invoices for your transactions
  4. Password: You will be asked to create a password

Step 5: Create Public Survey Automation

Click 'Create New' on the Automation page.

Select Public Surveys and click 'Continue'.

Step 6: Select Survey

Select the Survey from the list of SurveyMonkey surveys that you want to use to provide rewards.

In the survey, one should have a question type as email type or enter the question as email type in the campaign

Step 7: Setup Rewards Settings

  1. Select Campaign
  2. Link Expiry- Select an end date when the links will expire.
  3. Manage Approval method: Manual or Auto.
  4. Click the "Customize Email" option.
  5. Automation Date range
  6. Reward Limit and
  7. Repeating rewards

Step 7: Save and Launch Automation

Click on 'Save and Launch' and confirm 'Yes, Launch'

The Xoxoday Plum rewards application is now available on SurveyMonkey's app marketplace. Get in touch with our experts to know more about how the Xoxoday-SurveyMonkey integration works