Release September 2023

We have a ton of collective knowledge to share with you! In the past few weeks, we've added new features to our Plum platform, including integrations, category and many other improvements for the admins. But that's not all we have revealed the new features expected in the upcoming months.

Xoxo Reward Code and Xoxo Reward Link verification

To make sure that the xoxo reward code is redeemed by only the intended recipients while keeping the current redemption flows just as seamless as possible, we have introduced an OTP verification sent to the recipient email ID/mobile number at checkout in the storefront.

In case of Xoxo Reward Link, for all links sent, an email ID or phone number will be collected mandatorily before the voucher can be redeemed.

Bulk processing notification

A notification will be sent to the admin after a bulk file (for all modes : xoxo reward point, xoxo reward codes, Xoxo reward link, Xoxo rewards API) is processed, with the summary of records that are processed and the list of records that were unable to be processed , if any.

PDF generation for Rewards API (Dashboard)

Admin users can now choose to generate a PDF form of the reward along with the email while sending brand vouchers directly from the platform.

This is highly useful when the vouchers are distributed in hand to the customer. We have built the capability for the brand voucher links to be rendered as QR codes . The user will be able to scan the QR code and quickly redeem the voucher removing all of the hassle of having to physically type it out / access the link to redeem.

Use cases like distribution of brand vouchers at the time of purchase in a retail outlet, or at an event in the actual venue can be made highly seamless with this.

Pass Order details on Update Redemption API

Earlier, we required a lot of requirements from clients to also pass the order details that contained what products (along with other details ) were redeemed. So, for that our backend is now ready to pass order data if required by the client on the Update Redemption API.
So any Storefront clients who want Order data on Update Redemption API can create APIs accordingly.

Note: This is new standardization for Storefront Integration.
More details given in Integration doc:

New Category Launches : Lounge and Bike Voucher in India

The Marketplace has two new categories launched named lounges and bike voucher in india. Users can buy these products using reward points and codes.

Lounges are launched for India customers for cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi

Bike Vouchers are launched for India region and can be helpful for admins to send gifts to their employees and customers on different milestones. The brands added are TVS and Honda.

Improvement in Admin Reports

Enhanced Payment Report & Rewards API Report that will allow users to have more transparency while reconciliation.

The Customers referring to the data in both Payment & Rewards API Report will see the data matching to their Internal reports and now can share the Admin access to their Finance team which will allow them to download the Rewards API report for reconciliation purpose without any delay.

Invoice Generation

Admins can now request for Proforma Invoice from the Admin Dashboard and receive a digitally signed Proforma Invoice to their email.

This will help the admins to get the invoice immediately and initiate fund transfer without reaching out to the Xoxoday Finance Team, thereby reducing the time taken to get a Proforma Invoice from 3 hours to less than a minute. By this process the fund addition to the Customer wallet will be much faster.