Release July 2022

Plum Admin

New & improved product experience to send the first reward

As an admin, you will now be able to seamlessly send the first reward under a threshold capacity without undergoing the KYB submission and verification process. Once the reward is sent, the admin can do the documentation process. This enhances the overall user experience and navigation of the product.

The admin user will be able to add recipients and ‘proceed to checkout to directly send rewards using a preferred mode of payment.

Seamless wallet recharge flow for super admins in case of low balance

When the super admins are in the middle of sending rewards, they might run into a low balance in their wallet. Now they do not have to separately recharge and repeat the process of adding recipients to reward. With this release, they can continue rewarding by adding the balance amount to the same screen without adding the recipients again.

Instant notifications of threshold updates and changes

The admin will now get a notification whenever the super admins update the threshold limit, and the amount used is reset to zero. This helps the admin keep track of changes to their reward limits and usage.

In case of cancellation of rewards, the amount will be added back to the admin’s threshold capacity

When an admin sends a reward, the reward amount gets updated under that admin’s name. Now in case of cancellation of the reward as well, this amount will get appropriately updated in the individual admin’s threshold capacity and used amount.

Unsubscribe from ‘catalog update notifications’ directly from the email

Every time our catalog is updated, an email is sent to every admin to notify what's new with the gift catalog. However, if you don’t want to receive these daily emails, you don’t have to go through the hassle of reaching out to our team. You can simply unsubscribe directly from the email to discontinue.

View the reward delivery status sent via email and SMS

See the Email and SMS delivery status for the brand vouchers you send to your gift recipients on the Plum Pro dashboard. Download them as reports to make data-driven decisions for your business every time. Navigate to 'Reports' under Plum Pro to see your email and SMS delivery status.


Add a link to email CTAs to reward multiple recipients at once in HubSpot.

Previously, Hubspot customers using Xoxoday Plum’s mail merge could not hyperlink or add any CTA’s with reward links. Also, the user had to refresh every time for dynamic lists to load and enrich new entries.

Now, the users can generate a one-to-many link and add it to their branded, rich HTML templates on Hubspot. These links support dynamic lists as well as automated drip campaigns in Hubspot. All you have to do is create the Xoxolink campaign with one-to-many automation on Hubspot. Copy-paste the generated reward link to your CTAs in the email template.

Reward anonymous survey respondents in SurveyMonkey

Survey Monkey customers can now include reward incentives for anonymous surveys on their Platform. This is one of the most secure features available in the market, where Xoxoday validates the recipient's authenticity directly by calling SurveyMonkey APIs.


Integrated a new payment processor - RazorPay, to recharge your wallet

Our platform is now integrated with RazorPay, a highly secure payment processor that enables domestic clients to recharge their wallets seamlessly. Customers can now load wallets in real-time using Internet banking by paying flat (INR 20) charges instead of paying 1.7% as transaction fees.

Reward Catalog

Send experiential rewards to delight your gift recipients

Experiential rewards go beyond transactions to create brand advocacy. We have added 150+ 'experiences' as a separate category to our storefront, which you can book across India, Dubai, and Singapore.