Comparison of when to use what?

Learn about the best use-case fit for each of Xoxo currency (aka Mode of rewarding). It's benefits and end-user experience.

Xoxo Reward Code Vs Xoxo Reward Points Vs Xoxo Reward Link | Differences

FeaturesWhat it meansXoxo Reward PointsXoxo Reward CodeXoxo Reward LinkBrand Gift Cards
Form FactorIt determines the deliverability of rewards in each module1 point = 1 (Customize points to currency parity)Alphanumeric Reward CodesReward LinkReward Codes
How it looksThe look and feel of the rewarding modules.
Use CasesThe practical applications and benefits of using rewards in different context.Employee rewarding,
Channel Incentives, loyalty programs, gaming
Marketing Campaigns, giftingConsumer promotions, survey incentives, one time reward campaignsGifts & rewards for occasions, festivals, product integrations etc

Feature comparison

Feature NameWhat it meansXoxo Reward PointsXoxo Reward CodeXoxo Reward LinkBrand Gift Cards
Email Registration (DIY/Self Serve)Set up an account independently without any assistance from the team.YesYesYesYes
Campaign CreationThe ability to customize catalog, add landing page, customize templates with brand logos, etc.NoYesYesNo
Bulk RewardsOption to send rewards to hundreds and thousands of recipients.YesYesYesYes
Individual RewardsSending rewards manually to recipientYesYesYesYes
Rewards APIIt allow developers to implement seamless rewards and coupon systems into their applications giving the flexibility to execute any sort of campaigns.YesYesYesYes
Omnichannel Delivery (email, SMS)Marketing communication across multiple channels like emails, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.YesYesYesYes
Integrations (CRM. HRMS, Survey tools)Connects seamlessly with existing marketing automation tools, HR tools, and other productivity tools.NoNoYesYes
Reward AccumulationIt allows you to accumulate and redeem rewards at your convenience based on the value in the designated currency.YesNoNoNo
Custom ExpiryThe ability to change the expiry date for rewards
Offered expiry options are 3,6, and 9 months. It's 12 months by default.
Landing Page (Campaign specific)A company branded web page that allows you to display a welcome screen, personalized message, and customize campaign as per brand requirements.NoYesYesNo
DistributionThe mechanism in which rewards are distributed for a reward program based to achieve desired outcomes.API, CSV, EmailAPI, CSVAPI, CSVAPI, CSV

Benefit comparison

BenefitsWhat it meansXoxo Reward PointsXoxo Reward CodeXoxo Reward LinkBrand Gift Cards
Ease of ChoiceEase to the end users in choosing rewards redemption as per their choiceYesYesYesNo
Ease of DistributionFlexibility in terms of distributing rewards which can be different based on the rewarding use-case.YesYesYesYes
Personalization (Branding)The ability to add personalized messages and customize campaigns as per brand guidelines to keep it consistent.NoYesYesNo
Flexible DenominationsIt allows for variations in the value or size of denominations in a particular currency and offers the flexibility to accommodate different transactional needs.YesYesYesLimited
Multi CurrencyIt offers uses to send rewards in multiple currencies.YesYesYesNo
Applicable in multiple countriesRewards catalog across countries or geographies.YesYesYesNo
Multi-region deploymentAbility to deploy the servers in specific regionsYesYesYesNo
Multi-lingualAbility to show marketplace, emails, notifications and platform in different languagesYesYesYesNo
Reward SchedulingThe ability to schedule rewards for the future date.YesYesYesYes
Redemption reportsIt refers to records or summary of rewards redeemed by the user.YesYesYesNo
Catalog CustomisationOffers the flexibility to choose catalog options like gift cards, merchandise, charity, experiences, travel and more for the campaign.YesYesYesYes
Customer SupportDedicated support team or CSM for resolving customer queries.YesYesYesLimited
Reward Cancellation*The option to cancel the rewards sent within 180 days of reward sent dateYesYesYesNo
TransferableThe option to transfer the reward points associated with the account to another account or userNoYesYesNo
Linked to Email/Mobile numberReward associated to a particular account.YesNoNoNo
Anonymous RedemptionThe ability to allow the redemption of rewards without revealing contact details such as email or phone numberNoYesYesNo
Generation to SelfThe ability to generate rewards for self which can be sent to others.NoYesYesYes

Rewards & Redemption Categories

Reward CategoryWhat it meansXoxo Reward PointsXoxo Reward CodeXoxo Reward LinkBrand Gift Cards
Gift CardsBrand Vouchers or Cards that can be redeemed in online retail stores, restaurants, or any other service providers.YesYesYesYes
Non Profit DonationsMonetary or in-kind contributions made to non-profit organizations or initiatives that operate for the benefit of the public or a specific cause.YesYesYesNo
Prepaid CardsPayment cards from Visa/Mastercard loaded with funds which allow users to purchase or access any service.YesYesYesNo
ExperiencesExperiences that allows end-users to enjoy a wide range of activities like adventure, tours, hobbies, wellness, gourmet, arts, history etc.YesYesYesNo
Perks & OffersOffers & discounts from popular brands in the form of coupons or cashback to the end users.YesYesYesNo