Release June 2024

In the recent weeks, we’ve introduced an array of exciting features designed to enhance the user experience. Among the notable additions are the new and quick sign in, launch of direct bank transfer and RuPay prepaid cards in India, order tracking for your customers, and email template customisation for your reward campaigns.

The new and quick sign in process streamlines account access. Direct bank transfers and RuPay Prepaid cards offer a convenient payment option for your channel partners. Order tracking empowers your customers with visibility into their purchases. Email template customisation elevates reward campaign personalisation.

But that’s not all – we're offering you an exclusive sneak peek at the features slated for the release in coming months. 

Here's what's new:

Launch of Direct Bank Transfers and RuPay Prepaid cards in India

We're proud to introduce two powerful new payout methods - direct bank transfers and RuPay prepaid cards. These localized solutions are tailored to provide convenience, flexibility, and a superior channel partner experience.

Direct bank transfers eliminate delays and enhance transparency by allowing you to disburse incentives seamlessly into your partners' bank accounts for a nominal surcharge. RuPay prepaid cards, on the other hand, offer a secure digital wallet, empowering your partners with instant access to their well-deserved rewards.

The New DIY Flow

Introducing the sleek and intuitive new DIY (Do It Yourself) Flow, designed to enhance the onboarding experience. We've minimized the information required for account creation, allowing users to breeze through the process effortlessly. But that's not all – we've also streamlined the rewarding journey, enabling users to submit business details, set a redemption URL, and add a rewarding base currency, all without disrupting the flow. Moreover, users can now explore the platform's features and functionalities, except for transactions, even before business verification.

Delight Your Customers with Seamless Order Tracking

Elevate the shopping experience for your end customers with our new "Track Order On Storefront" feature. Empower them to stay informed throughout their purchase journey by allowing real-time order status tracking. With just an Order ID and contact details, your customers can effortlessly monitor every stage of their order, from processing to shipment to delivery, right from your storefront.

Craft Personalised Communications

Now, you have the power to craft personalized email content that truly resonates with your audience. Go beyond templated messages and unleash your brand's unique voice by editing the email body, subject lines, adding links and more. Whether you're sharing updates, fostering customer relationships, or launching campaigns, this innovative addition allows you to infuse your distinct tone and messaging into every interaction. A dedicated custom footer allows you to reinforce your brand with every email. With complete control over creating personalised interactions that resonate with your audience, this feature elevates your brand communication to new heights.

Gain Deeper Insights into Bulk Rewarding

Rather than relying on a simple "100% Processed" status, you can now effortlessly track and update the status of individual records within bulk operations. Gain visibility into successful disbursements and failed transactions, empowering you to take proactive measures, reduce manual efforts, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your overall rewarding experience.

Increased Transparency in Reward Redemption

Now, when sharing reward links with your recipients, you can provide them with clear visibility into the expiration dates and validity periods. This added transparency empowers your users to plan their redemptions effectively, eliminating any confusion or missed opportunities.

Upcoming features

Launching Perks on Marketplace

Explore a brand-new category on our Marketplace – Perks and Benefits! Get ready to unlock exclusive deals and discounts from popular brands and products. Admins can easily configure and manage this exciting category from the admin panel, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Xoxocode Balance Insights

Gain deeper insights into your Xoxocode balance. Users will be able to access comprehensive information about the status of their Xoxocodes, including who redeemed them. This improved transparency provides better visibility and control over your rewards.

Two-Factor Authentication for Admins

Super admins and admins can now enable two-factor authentication via mobile OTP or an authenticator app, adding an extra layer of security to their accounts.

Bulk Resend for Reward API Customers

Reward API customers can now resend rewards in bulk by multi-selecting the rewards, streamlining the process for efficient reward management.

Multiple Admin Enhancements

Get ready to embrace a wave of enhancements across the admin panel. Look forward to new low balance email notifications and customizable threshold settings, keeping you informed about your rewards balance. Additionally, enjoy streamlined notifications for scheduled rewards, ensuring you never miss an important update. We've also revamped our bulk template file management, making it easier than ever to handle large volumes of data efficiently.