Release October 2023

We have a ton of collective knowledge to share with you! In the past few weeks, we've added new features to our Plum platform, including integrations, category and many other improvements for the admins. But that's not all we have revealed the new features expected in the upcoming months.

Xoxo Reward Link Authentication

To enhance the security of Xoxo Reward Links sent from the platform, we will now send an OTP to the email ID / phone number to which the link was originally sent to , on redemption. This will ensure that only the intended recipient is able to access the reward.

This is applicable to all rewards directly sent to the recipient from the platform including the ones triggered via CRM / survey tools integration.

For Xoxo Reward Links that are “generated for self” by the admin to be distributed later, these links will not be tied to the specific email ID it is sent to , however the recipient will need to enter a phone number and verify with an OTP before redemption.

Xoxo Reward Code Redemption options

While sending Xoxo Reward Code , now the admin can choose who can redeem the code : Either the recipient the code is sent to, any user with the same domain as the user, or anyone who has the code. This gives the admin the flexibility to choose who can redeem the rewards they send while enhancing security.

Points-Based Marketplace

Introducing the ability to convert the reward marketplace into a points based marketplace. End users can now browse the catalog and checkout in the form of points. Businesses can set their own currency-to-points ratio, making the entire marketplace available for transactions in points. This feature is ideal for loyalty reward programs, allowing businesses to offer rewards in the form of points rather than currency. For example, if a business defines a 1:10 ratio, a product worth INR 10 on the marketplace can be purchased for 100 points.

New Filters and Sorting in Storefront

We have added new filters and sorting options to the gift card category, enhancing the redemption experience for all storefront users. Now, users can easily filter and sort products based on their preferences.

Enhancements to the Marketplace Interface

We've improved the overall look and feel of the marketplace to make it more user-friendly and aligned with e-commerce standards. This includes introducing new brand colors, enhancing navigation for better visibility, and more.

Changes in getBalance API

As part of the standardization process, we have removed the “points” parameter from the getBalance API response as it was redundant and caused confusion during the integration process.

Rewards API Report

To simplify the reconciliation process for the Finance / Business Team, we have now removed the currency symbol from the “ Downloaded Report “. This will help the admins to now just download the report and get a consolidated value without spending additional time in structuring the report to achieve the consolidated values.


All the Non-INR customers trying to make offline bank transactions for wallet recharge had to go through a manual process of reaching to request for an invoice by reaching out to the Sales POC / Finance team which would take 2 - 3 hours on average and customers had to follow up or wait during this time.

Now Customer’s can generate a Proforma invoice from the Admin Dashboard by entering the value in the “ Add Funds” Field.

For Customer’s with base currency as Non-INR, who used to request Xoxoday Finance team to remove the company PAN and LUT number from the invoices shared, we have now removed PAN & LUT number fields from the Invoice for all the invoices that are being generated for Non-INR customers.

That's all for the Plum Product Enhancements launched in October 2023. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us, or book a demo.