Release March 2022

This March, we have undergone a few major changes on both the plum admin side and the store.

On the integration side, we have improved Hubspot integration now Xoxoday plum passes reward automation campaign activities into Hubspot CRM via Custom events into Hubspot CRM, there is now with the admins to edit any existing automation created by the admin for the integration rewarding.

Here are more details about the latest update:

Mobile Only rewarding

The admins now will be able to reward only on the mobile number of the recipients without having to input a mandatory email ID. This adds a lot of flexibility while rewarding across all modes of distribution (Xoxo Points, Xoxo Codes, Xoxo Links, and Plum Pro). In the case of Xoxo Points and Xoxo Codes, the same number/email can be rewarded from multiple accounts. In case of non-delivery, the reward can be resent as well to the same mobile numbers from under reports.

SMS Delivery Status in reports and resending to only mobile

With integration with our SMS service partner Kaleyra, we now are able to show the delivery status of individual rewards for Xoxo Points and Xoxo Codes via SMS. This brings in transparency to the entire rewarding experience and is critical for admins to understand the status of their rewards sent.

Download high volume of records

Up until now, when the admin tries to download reports, if the number of records is high, it would take a long time to process and the download to complete. There was also a possibility of the process getting timed out due to large volumes. We have now optimized the process so that the admins do not have to wait around for the downloaded data. If the number of records is more than 10K, an email is triggered to the admin with the downloaded data attached as excel.

Revamped Plum Pro report

It’s convenient for clients to do reconciliation as:

  • new fields have been added - Discount ( % ), Amount charged, Quantity, Product ID, Delivered Date
  • user can filter reports by newly added fields
  • Downloaded report contains numeric fields in a separate column from currency making it easier to do calculations.

Other Improvements

Admins now have the ability to sort across reports by various columns like last redeemed date, sent date, Recipient Name etc. We also follow a consistent number system across the admin portal.


Mobile login

Earlier email ID was mandatory for logging in to the storefront in order to redeem points or codes. After this release users will be able to create accounts/log in with their mobile numbers with OTP verification. This is a big step towards expanding the reach of the Xoxoday redemption audience.


Improved Signup Journey

The signup journey for integration was earlier long and had multiple steps. Now the integration sign-up journey is improved and made more interactive for the new clients getting onboarded from the respective integrations like HubSpot, Qaultrics, Zapier, etc.

Qualtrics SDK: In the release, developed a custom plugin to interact with the Qualtrics product using the Extension SDK. We are using ‘Actions SDK’ that can be part of a Qualtrics workflow, wherein a customer can easily set up a ‘Reward automation’ by selecting ‘Xoxoday Plum Extension’ workflow, within the Qualtrics UI.

This SDK release aims to bring the following advantages: XM Extension benefits to Xoxoday and our customers — Discoverability Qualtrics users can discover your XM Extensions either in the Qualtrics marketplace or within XM OS itself Seamless UX XM Extensions are embedded into, making set-up and management intuitive easy, and accessible directly inside the Qualtrics environment Retain customers via building more native features, rewarding solutions, and increased product usage