Using Qualtrics Workflow Extension to Send Rewards

Getting Started

Connecting Qualtrics and Xoxoday accounts

First, you'll need to connect Qualtrics and Xoxoday accounts to be able to create a 'Task' inside your Qualtircs Workflow. Follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1:

Find Xoxoday Extension from your Qualtrics account. To do this, go to 'Admin' and over to the 'Extensions' tab. Click on the Xoxoday extension (listed) and follow the steps to connect:

Click on 'Connect Account' to add a Xoxoday Account

Connect Account

Now, login to your Xoxoday account and click on 'Allow' access.

Allow Permissions

Creating a Qualtrics Workflow

Now, from your Qualtircs account, create a Qualtrics workflow by clicking on 'Workflow' from the main menu (options drop-down):

Create a Workflow in Qualtrics

  • Select the 'Survey Response' and choose the survey project you want to send reward (upon completion)

  • Click on Start by an 'Event' for the Workflow

  • Select 'Newly created Resonse' and 'Response via APIs (if applicable). See below image

Select Response triggers for your survey as applicable

  • Now, click on the '+' icon to add an action 'Task' (see below)

Select 'Task' for setting up a Xoxoday Reward action

  • Now, select 'Xoxoday' from the available extensions (see below) and select the Xoxoday account.

Configuring Xoxoday Reward Settings

Here you can configure Xoxoday reward settings for your action task in the workflow. This is a one-time setup and takes just a couple of mins, steps below:

    1. Select the reward campaign (pulled from your Xoxoday account)
    1. Approval Required? Select 'Yes' if you want to manually approve rewards, else, select 'No' to automatically send rewards out
    1. Set the Reward Expiry period from the drop-down

You can setup Additional Settings as follows for your Reward Automation:

    1. Set date range — the period during which this reward automation should be active
    1. Maximum Reward count — Define the maximum number of times a reward can be sent for this survey completion
    1. Repeat Rewarding — Turn the toggle ON if you want to enable the same email address to be rewarded multiple times.

That's it. Click on 'Save' button and then proceed to 'Next' by clicking on the 'Next' button.

Map the Survey question corresponding to the Email address

Here, map the survey question where you're collecting the email address from the recipient — this email address will be used to deliver their Xoxoday reward.

  • Select 'Survey Question' from the main drop-down

  • Then, select the specific question which collects the email address

  • See below

That's it. You've successfully configured Xoxoday Rewards with Qualtircs Extensions.