Send 1-1 reward

Select, Customize and Send a Reward



Salesforce CRM users who need access to 1-1 rewards widget should be added as a user in Xoxoday Plum with Admin or Super admin access as required.

Once the Xoxoday Reward Widget is added to your lead's dashboard, follow the steps given below to send rewards to your prospects.

Step 1: On the Leads/Contacts Page, Under Xoxoday refresh automation widget-> Click "Refresh".

Step 2.1: Under the Xoxoday reward widget, Select Name, Email, Campaign, Reward Amount and Click "Next".

Step 2.2: If you have not already created a Campaign, Select "Create a Campaign" in the widget. or Create one from here.

Getting Started with Xoxoday Plum

Step 3: Customize the Email template, Select the banner most relevant to your campaign type and then Click on "Send Reward"

Congratulations! On sending your first 1-1 Reward.