Release December 2020

Plum New Features Release: December 2020

The year concluded with a new array of updates on the Xoxoday Plum platform. As we gear up to become better in the coming year, here is the list of things that rolled out in December. Ranging from changes in the Xoxo Link-based redemption to major changes in campaign management for admins, let’s check them all out.

Now create and distribute Xoxo Links to individual recipients directly from the Admin Portal

Sending out rewards as Xoxo Links to multiple users earlier came with a process of generating the links in batches, which you had to manually distribute from the given batch. These laborious efforts have now been reduced. With the new release, distribute Xoxo Links directly to your recipients via email or SMS from the Admin Portal along with a personal message.

This change reduces the manual work involved in rewards distribution and keeps the element of personal touch intact with a message to go with every reward you send via Xoxo Link.

New customer? Now avail a seamless onboarding experience and get a grip of everything in Plum.

It’s never too late to begin to reward and recognize the Xoxo-way, and now it’s simpler than ever. New Xoxoday Plum customers can now sign up through the given instructions which would be thoroughly walked through in a welcome email. Follow all the given instructions and get started with rewarding without any manual intervention. Need our help? Get all the necessary resources and if there’s anything needed in particular, simply contact Xoxodayand address your query.

Users can now get redirected to campaigns linked to their Xoxo Code(s) by checking the details

For every campaign run and batches of Xoxo Codes sent, there’s a particular URL attached on which the campaign can be accessed. To fix the problem of users not being able to find the correct URL linked to the campaign, now the users can check their Xoxo Code details and get redirected to the specific campaign attached to their Xoxo Codes.

This would make the user journey simpler as they’ll just need to match up to their codes and visit the URL, reducing the manual intervention from Xoxoday’s end to search for the campaign URL, and reducing complaints in the admin’s kitty for the very problem.

Admins can now check the discounts and surcharges for brands while setting up campaigns.

Xoxoday Plum comes with an added fiscal advantage wherein the organization saves a sliver of cost while distributing gift vouchers through Plum. To analyze the benefits, admins can now check and identify any discounts and surcharges on brands and their vouchers. With this level of transparency, your organization would get a tangible idea of the Xoxoday Plum advantage, while the campaigns can be set up accordingly.

Advanced protection against risk and malpractice with new Alert Rules

Xoxoday Plum is a secure haven for clients, users, and customers alike and we keep making it safer and airtight with every release. This time out, multiple alert rules have been introduced to identify the minutest risks of potential risk, suspicious activity, or any digital malpractices. From analyzing questionable user behavior to other digital breaches, the new alert rule engines will keep a stern eye out for anything out of the way.

Now buy Prepaid Cards seamlessly with simplified procedures and OTP registration.

On buying prepaid MasterCard/Visa from Xoxoday Plum, seamlessly process your purchase and get your OTP delivered on your contact unlike before, wherein the OTP had to be delivered from Xoxoday’s end. This results in a smooth journey from adding to the cart to procuring the card. That’s all for this feature release in Xoxoday Plum. Have a question? Talk to us