Release October 2021

Setup campaign landing pages, API improvements, and enhancements in customization.

This Holiday Season, we have several new updates for Xoxoday admins, and most importantly for the Storefront users.

For admins, they can now easily customize messaging, classify data more easily, and get a more DIY-friendly experience.

There are also other updates including an expanded catalog and a better reward redemption experience.

For Admins:

A New Campaign Landing Page for Xoxo Code and Xoxo Links

It was earlier not possible for admins to create a custom landing page and customize the messaging.

With the latest update, Admins will now be able to include a landing page along with their Xoxo Code or Xoxo Link rewards. End-users can redeem their rewards from the landing page directly.

This feature is also particularly useful during the festive season to offer a tailored branding experience and help administrators take control of the user experience. Admins can also choose to design the landing pages as they deem fit, and they are optimized across devices. They can also choose to remove the landing pages if need be.

Xoxo Code Listing in Xoxo Links

We received feedback from a lot of firms asking us to include a Xoxo Code (unique reward code) whenever a reward link was sent across. This was because it was not possible for end-users in different geographies to redeem rewards with a link.

We heard you! With the latest update, admins can choose to include a Xoxo code along with every reward link sent.

This allows recipients from all geographies to redeem the Xoxo code by using our Storefront and purchase any product with the denomination and country of their choice.

Bulk Selection and Cancellations in Xoxo Codes and Xoxo Points

With the latest release, Admins will be able to select multiple entries for Xoxo Points and Codes and take action on them together with a single click.

Plum Pro SMS Customization

In alignment with our larger goal of letting admins customize their reward experience for the end-user, we are now letting Plum Pro users customize their SMSes that accompany rewards.

The SMSes sent along with a Plum Pro reward can now be customized to include tailored messages for the recipient. This feature is available both in single and bulk rewarding.

Create advanced filters in the Plum Pro report section

It was earlier not possible for admins to set up advanced filters within Plum Pro to classify the products.

With the latest release, a new set of flexible filters have been introduced which allow the admins to specifically drill down to any set of data within the records listed - by date range, by product, by reward value, by the recipient, or a combination of any of these.

Introducing email delivery status of rewards -

For the first time, the admins will now be able to directly get insights on the delivery status of emails for each individual recipient.

This will enable them to take the action of resending the email or canceling the rewards based on the delivered status. This also significantly reduces the need for manual intervention by Xoxoday’s team to check the email delivery status and report back to the customer that has requested it.

Digital invoices can be downloaded from the platform

To enable admins to download the invoice directly from the platform, we have now introduced the feature to let admins download a digitally signed copy of the invoice generated after every recharge of the Xoxoday Plum wallet, either vis-a-vis the platform or through sales orders.

An immediate acknowledgment is also sent to the client whenever a recharge is done.

New banners have been introduced across different rewards modes

Keeping in mind the upcoming festive season, a plethora of new banners have been added to the admin portal. All the banners have also been optimized to render without stretching/distortions across all browsers and devices.

Improvements in Integration Automation Flow

The latest update has upgraded the integration flow for 3rd party integrations such as SurveyMonkey, Hubspot, and others. There has been an improvement in terms of experience and the user journey.

Admins will now be guided throughout the automation process with appropriate steps, suggestions, and informational pop-ups.

Improvements in DIY onboarding journey

With the new release, the 3 step Xoxoday DIY admin sign-up process is made more interactive and smoother. Improvements here include auto-redirect after a step is a complete, correct balance on the dashboard, and improvements to the KYB workflow.

API Updates

Multiple PayTM products can now be added to the cart

We had a quantity restriction for Paytm products in storefront & API, allowing users to only purchase one quantity at a time. With the latest update, this restriction has been removed for mobile browsers as well.

Plum Pro API: Error message for Duplicate PO is now updated

In Plum Pro API, place order endpoints update the existing error message for Duplicate PO with new meaningful errors so that developers can easily recognize what went wrong & take corrective measures.

Plum Pro API: Introducing the ability for admins to get order history by using tags

We have introduced a new filter in Plum pro Order History API, this will allow users to filter the order data by "Tags".

Exchange rate information can be accessed via GET VOUCHER API-

Some clients wanted to get access to the information on the real time exchange rate that we use.

Hence, we have introduced a new filter in Plum Pro Get voucher API,to know the active exchange rate which Xoxoday uses for product cost calculations. These exchange rates can be used by clients to know the true cost of the product which they are going to purchase.

Other improvements -

A few other minor improvements in the API section include - handling of unknown special characters on the product description from vendor API, option to map multiple SKU for Giftery, and the ability to blacklist certain products for specific clients.