Submitting Brand KYC: Amazon India

Submit KYC for Amazon

Submitting Brand KYC


What is Brand KYC

Some brands like Amazon India, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Italy etc, require certain KYC (Know your business) information before you can send Amazon brand vouchers to your recipients.

If you see this card in the Xoxoday Plum Admin portal, which reads: 👇 Then you've to submit Brand KYC to be able to send a few brand vouchers. This is a requirement from some specific brands like Amazon.

Note: Some vouchers need additional approvals to be activated. Apply Now

Step-by-step guide to submitting brand KYC

  • Go to Settings gear icon ⚙️ >> Verifications (see 👇 )
  • Click on the 'Apply' button



Form fill information

Keep the below information handy:

  • Your Email address
  • Company's legal name
  • Business catagory (select the closest option from a drop-down)
  • Reward use-case (Select the closes applicable option form the drop-down)
  • Estimate annual spend
  • A brief description of your reward program


Below are the set of documents that you'll need.

  • Company registration certificate
  • Company ID document (a GST certificate or PAN card)
  • Upload a valid Business Address Proof? (An electricity bill or telephone bill)
  • Upload a declaration on a company letterhead


What to expect

Once this is submitted the Verification may take up to 3-4 business days. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] anytime.